3 Common Mistakes That Writers Often Do

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Everyone makes mistakes. Not only an amateur writer, but a pro or someone who has long experience on writing might do the mistakes. Making mistakes is normal as long as you know how to fix it and promise yourself to not doing the same thing again in the future. Today I want to write and share this article for you as a reminder for you and for me to not making these following mistakes below.

  1. Waiting for an inspiration. An inspiration was not awaited, but sought. If you just waiting for inspiration comes to you, you’ll never ever write. So, how do you get the inspirations? There’re many ways to get the inspirations. But, the most important thing among them all is read a lot. I think there’s no amazing writer who doesn’t like reading. Without read a lot, your understanding of something is very limited. Beside that, your writing will be monotone and boring because you only write about the same thing too many times. Another ways that you can try are watching TV news, watching a movie, listening to music, attending workshop/training/colloquium/discussion even travelling-domesticaly or internationally. Write something that you like or closest to your life experience.
  2. Imitating others’ style. I believe everyone has unique and different writing style. I know that media always has tendency to like a writing with certain style more which is considered suit their tastes. I also know that a writing we made should be understandable for readers so that the informations and messages can be conveyed to the readers. There’s nothing wrong when we admire others’ writing style. But, we don’t need to write like him/her. Write like yourself with your own writing style. No need to think too much about people’s judgements. They have the right to like or dislike our writing. If they don’t like our writing style, doesn’t mean our writing are suck. Bad according to them is not necessarily bad according to others. No need to push yourself too hard to always follow the trend or market tastes. Be yourself and show your different colors to the world.
  3. Inconsistent on writing. If you want to be great writer, keep practicing writing. Your talent is nothing without learning and practicing. You can be defeated by those who keep practicing diligently. Don’t make writer’s block and lack of inspirations your reasons to not writing. Don’t let the number of readers, like and hate comments affect your spirit on writing. Writing needs patience, perserverance and consistency. Being a great writer takes long process that is not instant.

Have you ever made those mistakes? Are there any other mistakes you have made? It’s okay to make mistakes. You always can learn something new from them.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.


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