A Good Writing Doesn’t Need to be Complicated and Convoluted

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Writing is an art, not an exact science

When you study math, 1+1 = 2 not 3,4,5 or 100. It applies everywhere around the world. Whether you’re in Indonesia or Malaysia, in US or UK, in Sahara or Antartica, 1+1 = 2. You can’t treat writing like a math or physics or chemistry which has many theories, postulates, laws, formulas and hundreds or even thousands of complex mathematical calculations. Sometimes, writing isn’t only about ‘brain’s work’ but also ‘feelings’, except you write a thesis/dissertation/scientific journal/research paper or in other words ‘academic writing’. So, does it mean we can write carelessly without obeying the rules?

Of course, that’s A BIG NO! Although you can write anything you want, you can write in varies forms, you can write with your own style, you still have to obey the rules. Then, what are the rules that must be obeyed?

  • First, originality and authenticity are must! Every writer has their own style and way in expressing their ideas or feelings through writing. They also have their perspective in figuring out the problems or phenomenon around them. Originality is more about how you think independently and creatively when you create something. Meanwhile authenticity is more about the quality of something that you create.
  • Second, plagiarism isn’t permitted! Because you have to be creative and your writings have to be authentic, there shouldn’t be an element of plagiarism in your works. It’s okay to take an inspiration from others, but, don’t be a copycat!
  • Third, pay attention to the use of punctuation, capital letters, spelling, diction, grammar and other writing techniques. Maybe, it’s a bit difficult and troublesome. But, it’s important when you want to publish your writing on media or publish your own book. Because, if the technical things like this get messed up, your work can be rejected. Well, actually, it can be learned while still writing.
  • Fourth, cohesiveness between sentences, paragraphs and title and its contents. Don’t make a clickbait article!
  • Fifth, be careful of typos! If there’re only few typos, no problem. But, too many typos are so annoying and hurt your readers eyes.

No need certain education level or bachelor degree to be a good writer. Because a good writer is forged through learning continuously. It’s not only about ‘raw talent’, but also hardwork and even smartwork. Because talent without hardwork is nothing.

A good writing is simple yet understandable, not complicated and convoluted. You don’t need to use many scientific or difficult words, except you write a thesis/dissertation/scientific journal/research paper or in other words ‘academic writing’. Remember, your readers are from various background. What if they are uneducated people? (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult or underestimate them). Let alone them, even highly educated people sometimes can be lazy and bored when read something too theoretical (I don’t know how about you, but, I feel it XD). They may have different educational,social,cultural and religious backgrounds from you. So, you have to make sure that your explanation can be understood by them. Even better if you can make them relate to what you write. Don’t get me wrong, a simple yet understandable writing isn’t easy to be created. Because not all people can explain difficult and complicated things simply.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.


The Number of Likes/Comments/Shares/Followers Doesn’t Show Your Success

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How long have you been blogged? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? Or just a couple of months? If you have been blogged for several years or if you’re more senior blogger, it’s normal to have many followers on your blog. Because you’re far more experience than newcomers or bloggers who just started blogging for several months. Especially if you’re writer/artist/blogger/famous person whose work is well-known everywhere. It will not difficult for you to gain readers and followers because they’re already know you. So, for you, who’re newcomers or several months bloggers, if you haven’t gotten the attentions and recognitions like them, it’s okay. You’ve just started. You still have long way to go. You need more patiences to learn from them. There’s no instant for success.

Many bloggers quit blogging because they didn’t get the attentions and recognitions as they expected before. I think it’s not only happen on WordPress, but everywhere. The same thing happened on the online community writing that I joined in. Many members there gave up or became lack of spirit because their articles could only attracts few readers/votes/comments/followers. Finally, they never appear and write again on that site.

Another classic reason they often used for quit blogging is they don’t know what should be written. We called it lack of ideas and inspirations. Maybe, they are not really lack of ideas, but they are too strict to the perfection. Maybe, they have many ideas to be written and published, but, they want their writing to be perfect. So, they never start to write anything. Actually, there’s no perfection in this world. Your writings are no exception. No matter how professional you are, no matter how great your works, you won’t ever meet a perfection.

It feels weird if you want to be a great writer but you immadiately give up and quit just because the number of likes/comments/shares/followers that are not meet your expectations. Learning process is indeed not easy. It takes sacrifice, whether it’s mind, energy, time and even money. You’ll also experience pain from learning process, whether it’s fatigue, worry, rejection and even failure. Your success isn’t determined by the number of likes/comments/shares/followers. Good or bad quality of your writing isn’t determined by how often you receive praises for your writing. But, you’ll know how good or bad your writing is, when you never stop writing and brave enough to publish it. A good writing is something that can give benefits for its readers, whether it can be informative, inspirational, motivational and even entertaining to others. And you can be considered as successful when people get the benefit from your writing, even if only 1 or 2 people.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.


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Girl, tell me, “did you write this?”
I said with no words
I said with my eyes
with my facial expression
I’m too embarrassed to say “yes”

You think I’m just joking?
Ah, maybe you’re just choking
Writing is an art, not an exact science
No right or wrong answer

Since when has writing been so troublesome?
Please, don’t talk nonsense
don’t build a prison
even ridiculous and silly thought have place in my mind

I’m just a newcomer
a rookie
But, I didn’t come without preparation
I can come to you in many ways
in many forms
Sometimes I can come like a fragile girl
sometimes I give you goosebumps like a ghost
sometimes I touch your heart like an angel
but, I already tortured your soul like a demon without you realize

Yogyakarta, August 7th, 2019-07.58 p.m.

Poem | Give Me Freedom

I want to be free
just like a bird
let the air fly me
across the sky
across the most beautiful places
around the world

I want to be free
from fears
from anxiety
from do nothing
from this prison

I’m tired
of being someone else
just to please you
till I don’t know myself anymore
I’m tired
of all this drama
you’re really great actor
till I don’t know if you tell the truth or lie

Give me freedom
to be my true self
Give me freedom
to be what I really want
Give me freedom
to find my own battle field
and defeat the devils
till I win the game
and being the real champion

Yogyakarta, August 5th, 2019-09.52 a.m.

Poem | Not Only

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I do not only put the string of words
not only think about the diction
I play with the rhyme
with the rhythm
with the beats

I do not only shout my feeling out
not only scream through my pen
I play even mess up with your heart
although I’ll make you questioning of my sanity

I’m not writting a poem to impress
even you told me to stop
I’m gonna take one step ahead to my goals

It’s not only the string of words
It’s not only about “how it should be”
It’s about honesty
It’s about my journey
and I hide my soul behind the story

Yogyakarta, July 30th, 2019-01.00 p.m.

3 Common Mistakes That Writers Often Do

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Everyone makes mistakes. Not only an amateur writer, but a pro or someone who has long experience on writing might do the mistakes. Making mistakes is normal as long as you know how to fix it and promise yourself to not doing the same thing again in the future. Today I want to write and share this article for you as a reminder for you and for me to not making these following mistakes below.

  1. Waiting for an inspiration. An inspiration was not awaited, but sought. If you just waiting for inspiration comes to you, you’ll never ever write. So, how do you get the inspirations? There’re many ways to get the inspirations. But, the most important thing among them all is read a lot. I think there’s no amazing writer who doesn’t like reading. Without read a lot, your understanding of something is very limited. Beside that, your writing will be monotone and boring because you only write about the same thing too many times. Another ways that you can try are watching TV news, watching a movie, listening to music, attending workshop/training/colloquium/discussion even travelling-domesticaly or internationally. Write something that you like or closest to your life experience.
  2. Imitating others’ style. I believe everyone has unique and different writing style. I know that media always has tendency to like a writing with certain style more which is considered suit their tastes. I also know that a writing we made should be understandable for readers so that the informations and messages can be conveyed to the readers. There’s nothing wrong when we admire others’ writing style. But, we don’t need to write like him/her. Write like yourself with your own writing style. No need to think too much about people’s judgements. They have the right to like or dislike our writing. If they don’t like our writing style, doesn’t mean our writing are suck. Bad according to them is not necessarily bad according to others. No need to push yourself too hard to always follow the trend or market tastes. Be yourself and show your different colors to the world.
  3. Inconsistent on writing. If you want to be great writer, keep practicing writing. Your talent is nothing without learning and practicing. You can be defeated by those who keep practicing diligently. Don’t make writer’s block and lack of inspirations your reasons to not writing. Don’t let the number of readers, like and hate comments affect your spirit on writing. Writing needs patience, perserverance and consistency. Being a great writer takes long process that is not instant.

Have you ever made those mistakes? Are there any other mistakes you have made? It’s okay to make mistakes. You always can learn something new from them.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

[Self-Reflection] How Helpful Am I To Others?

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[And said] “If you do good, you do good for youselves; if you do evil (you do it) to yourselves.” Then when the final promise came. [We sent your enemies] to sadden your faces and to enter the temple in Jerussalem, as they entered it the first time, and to destroy what they had taken over with [total] destruction.

(Surah Al-Isra : 7-Noble Qur’an with English Translation)

If you are asked, what’s your life purpose? How do you answer it? The answers might be different from one to another, based on how you see this life from your own perspectives. But, most of them want to be helpful person to others. We want to be someone who can share kindness and love toward others, especially people whom we loved.

Benefit is the result from what we have done. For example, you have good habit and lifestyle, like eat healthy food, doing exercise, enough sleeping, good at handling stress etc., so you can be healthy, both physically and mentally. Having healthy body and mind is the benefit of implementing good habit and lifestyle.

Another example, you like reading in your spare time. You like reading everything. Book, newspaper, magazines, online articles etc. You like to read various topics. Politic, law, economic and business, humanities, technology, health, literature even entertainment etc. Because of this habit, you have broad knowledges so you can get many ideas and inspirations to write something. Having broad knowledges and many ideas to write are the benefit you can get from reading.

Meanwhile, the purpose or goals is something we would like to achieve in the future. Everyone wants to reach the success in their life. Whether it’s about academic, career, friendship, love etc. Success can be achieved with effort and prayer. Or with some bad acts, like bring others down. But, I won’t talk about the second thing.

In this case, reaching a success is the goals, meanwhile effort and prayer are the way you choose to reach the goals. If the success make us being a person who loves to share and inspiring others, means our success have already given benefit for ourselves and others.

The next question is, has your success (including mine) been able to benefit for others, at least for the people who’s closest to you (read : family and friends)? The answer is only known by you and God. But, I’ll give you some questions more which can help you to answer it (I hope it’ll help you).

Does the success keep you humble or arrogant? Does the success make you love and respect people around you more (esp. family and friends) or make you more ignorant to them? Does the success make you more grateful to God or make you more forgetful to thank Him (If you have beliefs that God is exists, you may answer it. But, if don’t, I won’t force you to answer)? And the last, does your success make you more mature and wise in seeing your life or make you become narrow-minded and heartless?

These questions aren’t only for you, but for me too. I’m sorry I give you too much questions in my writing today.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

New Challenge

photo by sasint on pixabay.com

Believe it or not, life without challenge is not fun. Challenge is needed in our life to make us learning and growing up. Challenge helps you to find out “the other side of yourself” (read : talent and skill you never realized before). Challenge also can make you stronger and wiser in facing your life problem.

I think successful people are the people who are brave in receiving the challenge. They aren’t afraid to go out of their comfort zone. They have been already success in defeating their own fears. Fears often become the worst enemy which always prevent us for doing anything.

Since July 6th, 2019, I decided to join in online community writing on the largest microblogging sites in Indonesia. By joining the community, I hope I can learn more from senior writers there. I also hope I can build a good relation to other members or at least get some of discussion friends from different background. I’d love to spread my wings in an authorship world.

We should be grateful for the technological advancement because it has provided many platforms for us to speak up our minds to the world. Printed media is no longer the only media to share our ideas and thoughts. With technological advancement, you can write on your social media or create a personal blog and publish your work there. You also can join in online community writing or submit your work to the well-known and credible online media or even publish your first e-book. And for me, trying to take every available chance is the new challenge.

Is there any new challenge you want to try (in writing or anything else) ?

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Your Writing Shows Who You Are

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Writing, like our speech, is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. People can find out what we are thinking or feeling through our writing. Through our writing, people can understand what kind of topic we are interested or concerned in. Through our writing, people can get informations, inspirations or motivations. Through our writing, people can also judge what kind of person we are. That’s why we shouldn’t write something carelessly.

There’re two main things that must be obeyed by every writers : honesty and efforts. Many good writers really poured their heart into their writing. Their writing can be inspired by their own experiences or their circumstances. I know that there’s no 100% or absolute originality in writing because the idea of writing is actually a combination of various ideas that we rewrite again in our own writing style. Same ideas, same topics but different perspectives, different writing styles can make a distinction between one writing to another. You are allowed to be inspired or cite from other’s writing, but, plagiarism is not permitted. You are also not allowed to write a lie (e.g. fake news). Once you write a lie, people will see you as a liar. So, honesty is a must.

Although you’re still an amateur, although you still learn how to be a good writer, although you only write something based on what lies in your heart, you still need efforts to make it done. Do not ever make a writing carelessly even though you just post it on your social media (including your private blog). Do not ever make a writing carelessly just because there’re not many people read or click ‘like’ on your post. If you want to write an analysis about some of serious topics, you should read some references and even look for valid data to support your argumentations. Even you just write a fiction, you still need to read some references from other writers. Reading and writing are complemented toward each other. You can’t get rid of one of them.

If you want to post your writing or submit it to mass media, you have to do editing first. You can check if there’re typos and grammatical errors or not. Make sure there’s no contradiction between the title and content, each paragraphs and even each lines of the paragraph. Don’t underestimate the efforts even if it’s the smallest thing, because we’ll never know what will happen next to our life.

Writing requires persistence, patience and caution because your writing can show who you are. Whether people’s judgement of you are right or not, you still have to be careful of what you write. When you write a poem about heartbreak, people can assume you are broken hearted person. When you often write about culinary and travelling , people can assume you love to travel a lot and food lovers. When you write in a formal style, people can assume you as a serious person. So, how’s your writing says about you? Can you guess what kind of person I am or what I’m interested in based on my writings?

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Don’t Stop Writing Just Because No One Reads Or Likes Your Post!

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Are you an amateur writter like me? Are you a new blogger? I know that making an interesting post is not easy (If you’re pro, I think it’s not a big deal, right?). I feel it myself. There’re many ideas, experiences, memories, informations fill in my head. When I want to write something, I’d like to think first, what should I write today?

I want to execute at least one of the best idea among them all then start to write it down. I put my efforts as best as I can to make it interesting or beneficial to the others (or at least for myself). I always check my work before posting to make sure that my writing is understandable for readers and no contradiction between the title and content or between each paragraph. I also check if there’re any typos and grammatical errors or not (tbh, I often feel insecure if I use proper grammar or not, because English is not my first language and I’m not an English speaker). If I feel like everything’s okay, then I’ll post it while expecting that my writing will get a good response or likes from readers. But, sometimes, it doesn’t happen. I didn’t get what I expect. Is the story related to you? How do you feel?

If you don’t get the amount of readers or likes as many as you expected, please, don’t stop writing! Don’t let it down your writing spirit! Don’t make the amount of readers and likes your main and only goal in writing! Writing is about sharing. If you stop writing, then you have nothing to share to the world. No one will never know your thought.

I remembered my music teacher on high school ever said to us, “there’s nothing bad in art, there’re only beautiful and very beautiful.” For some people, they might thought that what she said was just “a typical encouraging words” because she didn’t want to hurt her students’ feeling. In other words, she did it just for formality to hide her real thought of her students’ artwork. (Okay, let’s be honest, are you the one who think so?)

But, I think her words are not that wrong. I don’t care if you agree or not with me, but I think every art (music, painting, literature, drama etc) is beautiful as long as you create it with your heart. And if there’s someone who doesn’t like your artwork, whatever it is, it doesn’t mean that your artwork is suck. I think it’s just about their tastes or preferences. The taste or preference can be subjective, depends on the person. For example, I like K-Pop music, but my younger brother doesn’t. Does it mean K-Pop music is bad? I don’t think so. It’s just me and him have a different taste or preference in music. And of course, I can’t blame on him. I can’t even force him to like something that I like and vice versa. So, if there’s someone who doesn’t like your writing, maybe your writing doesn’t suit her/his taste or preference. Not because your writing is bad. Not because you have no talent in it. If you give up on writing just because of that, I can say that you’ve made an unwise decision ever.

Then, how if someone criticizes your writing? Actually, critics is not a big deal. I don’t think if someone criticizes your writing, means your writing is bad at all. Critics is so beneficial for our development. Critics can make your writing skills improve. So, if you receive criticism from others, it means your writing could be better than what you made before. You can be better than that. Don’t be too overthink. Start to evaluate your work, evaluate yourself and revise it.