Poem | How to Describe

How do you describe the word “beauty”? No, you can’t find it on my poem. Cause it has no soul and I don’t know where it goes.

How do you describe the word “longing”? When I feel the distance and call your name in my prayer. Can you invite me to your dream?

How do you describe the word “love”? Don’t ask me! If you can’t read my mind, see it through my eyes. What do you find?

Yogyakarta, March 28th, 2020-08.08 a.m.


Poem | Judgemental

picture by David Angel on unsplash

I can’t see the worst
Am I blind?
Cause you’re too perfect
Such an epitome of beauty

Someone can say a bad thing
But, I don’t trust easily, till I see it myself
I need a proof, not judgement
Would you like to show me the truth?

It’s hard to shut their mouth
We can’t handle
Whether good or bad words
We can’t push
Whether respect or disrespect
Take it easy
Cause you’ll never know what’s under the sea if you just swim on the surface

Yogyakarta, March 20th, 2020-05.20 a.m.

Poem | Controlling

photo by Nick Demou from pexels

What’s the meaning behind those numbers?
Does it mean “authority?”
You told me to do “this” and “that”
Claiming it’s the best choice for me
Are you a fortune teller?

Who told you to be that over control?
You want me to have a better life
But, since when you became Mr/Mrs. Know-It-All?

You might be older
But, it’s just a number
Doesn’t mean you know everything
Give me choices, let me decide
instead of forbiding
Tell me your reasons
Cause I’m ready to jump and dive into the ocean

Yogyakarta, March 8th, 2020-10.01 p.m.

Poem | Journey to Grow Up (Part 2)

photo by Andrew Neel from pexels

Even my brain is burnt, my voice disappear or I broke my heart
it can’t be recognized
feel it myself as a part of me
then, what’s your plan?

Will it be my next mistakes?
Would you hold me if I fall?
It’s a big lie if I say that I’m not afraid
cause everything is so dark
so, I need to find a light

I saw you on a higher place
one by one, leave me here
Why does it take time for so long?
Why do I never go anywhere?
Even though I haven’t found a light yet
I prefer make fire rather than curse the darkness

Yogyakarta, March 6th, 2020-06.35 am.

Poem | Journey to Grow Up (Part 1)

Every step I take
Every pain I bring
I don’t know where’s the finish line

Is there any standard I should follow?
If I can make it, will it be alright?
You can say that it’s just like a chicken who try to be an eagle
But, I’ll be both
Gonna fly as high as a sky
and never forget to step my feet on the ground

Every step I take
Every pain I bring
That’s what make me, “me”
The past behind, the obstacle in front
I’m gonna erase the word “give up”

Yogyakarta, March 5th, 2020-05.31 a.m.