Poems – A Pen

I thought you have this tool in your pencil case

Maybe you often bring it everywhere you go

When yo go to school.work or travel around the world

For some people this tool is like their companion, even for me too

With this tool, you can say any hopeful and encouraging words

But, you can also attack others with your bad words

With this tool, you can inspire or change their minds to be more positive

But, you can also spread rumor, fear and negativity to make others afraid and hopeless

With this tool, you can receive compliments because of your amazing skills or stories

But, you can also receive criticism, whether it is good or not

Like a coin, it has two side that you can choose

It can be light or dark

It can be nice like a daydream or terrible like a nightmare

For me, I’ll turn it into something that I can use to write my own history

Is it okay if I crave your attention through this path?

I’m still young, I’m still lacking of my skills, but nobody can stop me

Please wait, I’ll make my pen sharper someday

Yogyakarta, March 28th, 2019-05.44 a.m.


Poems – Our Dreams

When did you dream for the last time?

Are you still afraid?

Please, don’t worry, I’ll be by your side

I’ll accompany you with my existence

Existence that reflects on every poems I wrote

Even though I still try to find my own style;

even though I often feel difficulties on explaining my thoughts and emotions through the words;

even though people will ignore or laugh at my works;

No one can create the boundaries of our dreams

Whoever do that, ignore, walk away

Whatever the obstacles are, break them all

The one who knows your weakness and strength is you

You know better what you can and can’t do

Don’t let them tell you otherwise

They might bring us down

underestimate our dreams;

stopping our steps;

rejecting our existence;

But, as long as we believe in ourselves

As long as we believe in His power

Success will follow us at the end

Yogyakarta, March 27th, 2019-04.36 a.m.

The Reason Why I Write

Just a little girl who caught up in her dreams

I’m nobody in this big world

A little girl who loves to daydream

Contemplate about life, natures, religions, societies

About many things

Till my brain is full of quetions

Sometimes when ideas and quetions are too much, my mind hurts easily

I’m a good dreamer

I’m a good observer

I’m a good thinker

But, I’m not good writer

Just a simple girl who loves to write about what she thinks or feels

Because, writing is the best medicine for curing my sadness,anger,fear and frustration

The best way to appreciate and remember every beautiful moment in my life

Yogyakarta, March 7th, 2019-10.40 a.m.

*) taken from a black notes