A Good Writing Doesn’t Need to be Complicated and Convoluted

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Writing is an art, not an exact science

When you study math, 1+1 = 2 not 3,4,5 or 100. It applies everywhere around the world. Whether you’re in Indonesia or Malaysia, in US or UK, in Sahara or Antartica, 1+1 = 2. You can’t treat writing like a math or physics or chemistry which has many theories, postulates, laws, formulas and hundreds or even thousands of complex mathematical calculations. Sometimes, writing isn’t only about ‘brain’s work’ but also ‘feelings’, except you write a thesis/dissertation/scientific journal/research paper or in other words ‘academic writing’. So, does it mean we can write carelessly without obeying the rules?

Of course, that’s A BIG NO! Although you can write anything you want, you can write in varies forms, you can write with your own style, you still have to obey the rules. Then, what are the rules that must be obeyed?

  • First, originality and authenticity are must! Every writer has their own style and way in expressing their ideas or feelings through writing. They also have their perspective in figuring out the problems or phenomenon around them. Originality is more about how you think independently and creatively when you create something. Meanwhile authenticity is more about the quality of something that you create.
  • Second, plagiarism isn’t permitted! Because you have to be creative and your writings have to be authentic, there shouldn’t be an element of plagiarism in your works. It’s okay to take an inspiration from others, but, don’t be a copycat!
  • Third, pay attention to the use of punctuation, capital letters, spelling, diction, grammar and other writing techniques. Maybe, it’s a bit difficult and troublesome. But, it’s important when you want to publish your writing on media or publish your own book. Because, if the technical things like this get messed up, your work can be rejected. Well, actually, it can be learned while still writing.
  • Fourth, cohesiveness between sentences, paragraphs and title and its contents. Don’t make a clickbait article!
  • Fifth, be careful of typos! If there’re only few typos, no problem. But, too many typos are so annoying and hurt your readers eyes.

No need certain education level or bachelor degree to be a good writer. Because a good writer is forged through learning continuously. It’s not only about ‘raw talent’, but also hardwork and even smartwork. Because talent without hardwork is nothing.

A good writing is simple yet understandable, not complicated and convoluted. You don’t need to use many scientific or difficult words, except you write a thesis/dissertation/scientific journal/research paper or in other words ‘academic writing’. Remember, your readers are from various background. What if they are uneducated people? (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult or underestimate them). Let alone them, even highly educated people sometimes can be lazy and bored when read something too theoretical (I don’t know how about you, but, I feel it XD). They may have different educational,social,cultural and religious backgrounds from you. So, you have to make sure that your explanation can be understood by them. Even better if you can make them relate to what you write. Don’t get me wrong, a simple yet understandable writing isn’t easy to be created. Because not all people can explain difficult and complicated things simply.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.


The Number of Likes/Comments/Shares/Followers Doesn’t Show Your Success

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How long have you been blogged? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? Or just a couple of months? If you have been blogged for several years or if you’re more senior blogger, it’s normal to have many followers on your blog. Because you’re far more experience than newcomers or bloggers who just started blogging for several months. Especially if you’re writer/artist/blogger/famous person whose work is well-known everywhere. It will not difficult for you to gain readers and followers because they’re already know you. So, for you, who’re newcomers or several months bloggers, if you haven’t gotten the attentions and recognitions like them, it’s okay. You’ve just started. You still have long way to go. You need more patiences to learn from them. There’s no instant for success.

Many bloggers quit blogging because they didn’t get the attentions and recognitions as they expected before. I think it’s not only happen on WordPress, but everywhere. The same thing happened on the online community writing that I joined in. Many members there gave up or became lack of spirit because their articles could only attracts few readers/votes/comments/followers. Finally, they never appear and write again on that site.

Another classic reason they often used for quit blogging is they don’t know what should be written. We called it lack of ideas and inspirations. Maybe, they are not really lack of ideas, but they are too strict to the perfection. Maybe, they have many ideas to be written and published, but, they want their writing to be perfect. So, they never start to write anything. Actually, there’s no perfection in this world. Your writings are no exception. No matter how professional you are, no matter how great your works, you won’t ever meet a perfection.

It feels weird if you want to be a great writer but you immadiately give up and quit just because the number of likes/comments/shares/followers that are not meet your expectations. Learning process is indeed not easy. It takes sacrifice, whether it’s mind, energy, time and even money. You’ll also experience pain from learning process, whether it’s fatigue, worry, rejection and even failure. Your success isn’t determined by the number of likes/comments/shares/followers. Good or bad quality of your writing isn’t determined by how often you receive praises for your writing. But, you’ll know how good or bad your writing is, when you never stop writing and brave enough to publish it. A good writing is something that can give benefits for its readers, whether it can be informative, inspirational, motivational and even entertaining to others. And you can be considered as successful when people get the benefit from your writing, even if only 1 or 2 people.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Literature/Fiction Work Deserves Love and Appreciation

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This morning, I read an article written by a member of online community writing that I joined in. She said that political column on the site should be deleted because it becomes a “battle field” for spreading hate speech, racist abuse and slander. The second reason is because many members or writers who wrote in the column weren’t based on objectivity and good analysis. Most of them wrote based on “like” or “dislike” only.

Even the site was once infiltrated by an ex convict of corruption case (he was once a fugitive because he had fled abroad) using a pseudonym as his account name. And that person often wrote in political column. But, of course, he likes to make a fuss with his writings. I was surprised when I read the fact. I be like, “how come?”

She also criticized why literary/fiction column was treated like a “stepchildren”. She said that literary column doesn’t get love and appreciation like other columns (the writers are no exception T_T). Honestly, I’m happy that she voiced out what we felt because I’m the one of writer in that column haha XD. I bow down 12345789 times to her.

After reading her writing, I became a bit sad. Is the appreciation so low for literature work and its writers? Yeah, maybe because it’s just literature/fiction work, people assume it’s only writer’s imagination, doesn’t provide knowledge at all. Is the assumption true? Haha, people who understand, won’t say things like that!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a non-fiction haters! If you’re old reader of my blog, you’ll find that most of my posts here are poems and it’s included in fiction work (even though I wrote it based on my own experiences). I read non-fiction books and articles, mostly about humanities, mental health, socio-cultural, lifestyle, religion. But, sometimes I read other topics too. Sometimes, I write something related to those topics although in different forms. It can be poem, prose or opinion. Whatever I want. But, literature, especially poem has special place in my heart. Writing a poem makes me free. Free from telling my stories (whether it’s good or bad) implicitly and I’ll let the readers have their own interpretations. Even I can put in some actual issues on it.

I’ve also read an article that a literature can soften the reader’s heart. Why? Because, in fact, many moral values and life lessons are put in by the writers into their works. Beside that, in literature, especially poem, an inanimate objects seem to have lives and behave like humans. For example : dark swallows light, the sky close its curtain, the universe watches, smiling full moon, morning making out with the sun etc. They are also described as having feelings and can feel certain emotions, such as sad, happy, angry etc. When we can imagine that the moon can smile, the sky can be gloomy, lonely can rule, we will definitely think that if inanimate objects can feel these emotions, what about humans? Whereas, humans have five senses, have brains, have hearts, have thoughts, have feelings. If we can understand this thing, we will not dare to hurt others, both physically and mentally. So, reading a literature/fiction is as useful as reading non-fiction. That’s why it deserves love and appreciation too.

And about politics, actually, I don’t hate it. Politics is good. Sometimes, I read it too if it attracts my interest and assume it as important to be known. But, what makes the political image worse is the politicians and their fanatic supporters who justify any means for power. So, I don’t think it’s politics that I should hate, it’s their behaviour that makes me sick.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Poem | From Morning’s Womb

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Say “good bye” to the night
Say “hello” and “welcome” to the morning
Time separated us
But, we can reunite again in the dusk

If night keeps the mystery
then morning keeps hope
If night unveils the memory
then morning unveils the dream
They keep balancing the cycle
with shifts between morning and night

Morning making out with the sun
The sun is fertilizing the morning
then the children born from the morning’s womb
the crowing roosters
the roar of vehicle and factory machinery
the smell of mother’s cooking and the clink of dishes
even my poem was born from the morning’s womb

Yogyakarta, August 25th, 2019-06.13 a.m.

Poem | The Fate of Messengers Nowadays

source : pexels.com

He was at the crossroad
near the traffic light
shouting to the drivers that stopped there
offered the latest news every morning

Sometimes, he was going around
passing narrow alleys, village roads, people’s homes and office buildings
by his bike
or motorcycle

He came to my house
every Sunday morning
brought newspaper for my dad
brought magazine for me

He introduced me to the words
He introduced me to many names, events, places and times
It’s a part of my childhood life
that I still remember well

I don’t know if people still remember you or not
cause we often forget the history
and forget to thank the kindness
that someone has ever did

You’re not a celebrity
not a minister
not a president
not someone who sacrifices his life in the battlefield
So, what’s the importance to remember?

They’re not really disappeared
cause I still find few
at the crossroad
near the traffic light
even though you never come again
every Sunday morning
or going around
passing narrow alleys, village roads, people’s homes and office buildings

I can’t blame on change
cause it will happen
the old one will be replaced by the new one
the old one has destroyed
the new one has created

Maybe, someday it’s just a history
but, I hope people will remember you
as the cutting edge of literacy and democracy

Yogyakarta, August 19th, 2019-11.23 a.m.

Poem | Trance

source : pexels.com

I don’t know who you are
Is it the same person?
Is it the same body but different soul?

Can’t notice the surrounding, but not blind
Can’t hear any noises, but not deaf
Can’t talk even one word, but not mute
cause lost and focus are only limited by the thin line

She’s not hangover
It’s not the side effect of drink or drugs
She’s not crazy
She just lost in her own world

She entered the zone
left the time and space behind
gathered all of feels and memories
went into the deeper level
suddenly, the deep low voice greeted, “welcome home, little girl!”

Yogyakarta, August 18th, 2019-07.11 p.m.

Poem | Small Notes on Independence Day

source : publicholidays.co.id

[Singing] “…Indonesia raya merdeka merdeka
Tanahku negeriku yang kucinta
Indonesia raya merdeka merdeka
Hiduplah Indonesia raya”

-pieces of Indonesian National Anthem, Indonesia Raya-

“Merdeka” is not only about how loud you sing Indonesia Raya
“Merdeka” is not only about how strong you stand in the sun heat during a flag ceremony
“Merdeka” is not only about how often you participate in Independence Day celebrations (in Indonesia we called it tujuhbelasan)
“Merdeka” is not only about how you memorize the names of national heroes and historical events complete with the year of its occurence

“Merdeka” is about how you advance the nation’s civilization with what you have
Stretch out your hands
to those who live in poverty
Use your strength
to protect those who are weak
Use your power
to uphold the law and justice
don’t let the rulers play with the law
don’t let the justice be bought by bourgeouis family
Light their hearts and minds
with knowledge and wisdom
don’t let them be cruel and heartless oppressors

No more tears
No more bloodshed
No more barrier
We are used to living in difference
but, we are able to move together
and I don’t want anyone to destroy it

Yogyakarta, August 17th, 2019-10.00 a.m.-on 74th Indonesian Independence Day

*) notes : “Merdeka” is a word in the Indonesian and Malay language meaning independent or free.

Prose | The Story of Two Rooms

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I only have one heart. But, there’re two rooms on it. Room 1 is just like a veranda in our home. Room 2 is just like the inside of our home.

Room 1 appears itself in a form that can be recognized by others because it’s in the outside. It has “two sides” : good or bad. Even though people often identify it as something bad.

Room 2 is harder to see with the naked eyes. It’s more special. Cause only you and Him know more what’s hidden inside. He designed it for you as a gift.

In the middle between the two rooms, there’s one space that connects the two. It’s on the top and highest position. It can lean on room 1 or room 2. It can incline to “good” or “bad”. Depends how you treat and use it. It can lead you to the light or darkness. It can lead you to the wisdom or destruction.

Room 1, room 2 and the middle room between the two are like a congruent triangle love affair. All of them form harmony even though they often fight each other. One of these three is mising, the balance will be broken. Cause all three have created a perfection in us as human beings.

Yogyakarta, August 15th, 2019-07.03 p.m.

*) Notes : The prose explains about the relationship between human mind and heart. Mind and heart are like two sides of a coin that can’t be separated. Without mind, heart can’t provide for life. Without heart, mind often does damage. I got an inspiration to write this prose after read a philosophy article about the same topic. The writer said that our heart is only one but consists of two rooms or entities (outer and inner) with different characteristics. The outer heart represents lust while the inner heart (or often called conscience) represents God’s traits that are internalized in every humans. Meanwhile mind is an entity that complements both of them, so, it makes us different from His other creatures, such as animal and plants.

My Journey to 100 Posts

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Reading and writing are like breath to me. I love reading and writing since I was in primary school. When I was in middle and high school, I joined journalistic club which suits my interests in writing. Even when I entered college, I still wrote for campus bulletin or magazine sometimes. But, I’ve never submitted or published my works in media that allows more people to read. The classic reason I often use : I’m shy and afraid. So, my writing is only known and read limitedly.

Then, because I was too focused on my study, I spent 3 years without writing at all. I came back again in the beginning of 2019 after experiencing internal battle with my inner self. But, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to start again after 3 years hiatus. I felt like my writing skill is gone.

In the middle of March 2019, I dared myself to start blogging on wordpress. It’s not easy for me to attract and gain the readers. But, it’s not the only difficulties I have to face. Lack of inspirations, writer’s block, inconsistency, laziness, procrastination, mood swings even fears are the things I have to fight and conquer.

Previously, I wrote my posts on this blog in my own language (Indonesian). One time, I tried to write in English then posted it here. I found out that I could gain more readers than before (mostly international readers). Then, I repeated it several times till someday I found that my posts got pretty positive responses from readers. That’s why, I always write my posts in English here.

source : screenshoot of my 100th post on wordpress

I also joined online community writing and writer’s forum in one of online media in my country to learn more from senior and professional writers there. Since then, I always learn to write in 2 languages at once : Indonesian (on community writing and writer’s forum) and English (on wordpress).

Whether it’s on community writing, writer’s forum or wordpress, all of them give me chance to connect with others from different background (on wordpress I could communicate with many international bloggers). All of bloggers I’ve ever interacted with, left different impressions on me. They have their own characteristics, styles and uniqueness in expressing their thoughts and emotions. Honestly, I got many inspirations from them (you guys are the best!!! ^-^).

Last but not least, I’d like to say “thank you” for your supports and appreciations to me. Without you, my site won’t go this far. I’m sorry if my writing still suck and bore you to the death. I know I’m not that good T_T. Well, I’ll end it with a poem. Here it is.


Full, crowded, noisy
Is my head going to explode?
Is my heart going to burnt?
Let them out of your head
Let them out of your heart
Let them stick on this blank page

I didn’t know what to do
till I found you
100 posts since March
100 posts with rise and fall
100 times fall but 1000 times rise

I have no words to left anymore
except “thank you” and “i love you”

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

*) Notes : If you have any critics/advices/opinions/anything about my writings, you can tell me on the comment section below.

Poem | Life Lessons

source : pixabay.com

From their accusations

I learned patience

From their disrespects

I learned respect

From their rejections

I learned acceptance


Life gives me lessons

through the pain, through the tears, through laughing

Time doesn’t change me

So, I need to make a change or the time will kill me

and the past will laugh over my silliness

Yogyakarta, August 13th, 2019-06.46 p.m.