Poem | Crossroad

photo by James Wheeler from pexels

I don’t know which path I should follow
How could I know if it was filled with thorns or red roses?
How could I know if I’d met another darkness or light in the end?

I don’t care of what I’ve left behind
Who needs time turner if I can make a change today?
Even a driver doesn’t always look back through rearview mirror
I just need 1 or 2 times to reflect

There’s a sign : left or right
one step ahead or take a step back
Then I’ll choose stop
cause I don’t want to end up with regret on my next destination

Yogyakarta, February 16th, 2020-06.04 a.m.


Poem | 3 a.m. Conversations

photo by Adam Vradenburg on unsplash

A loud voice you can’t hear
Only me and my ears
at 3 a.m.
nobody’s around me
just night, silence and my imagination

An honest talk
“Yeah, I’m the real definition of imperfection”
Don’t expect anything
if you’re afraid of being hurt
and I’ll blame myself
for every mistakes I’ve done to you

At 3 a.m.
when you’re still dreaming under your blanket
I had a debate in my head
She gave me a death glare
gave me pressure

“Did I do a crime?”

Yogyakarta, February 5th, 2020-08.04 p.m.