Poem | Crossroad

photo by James Wheeler from pexels

I don’t know which path I should follow
How could I know if it was filled with thorns or red roses?
How could I know if I’d met another darkness or light in the end?

I don’t care of what I’ve left behind
Who needs time turner if I can make a change today?
Even a driver doesn’t always look back through rearview mirror
I just need 1 or 2 times to reflect

There’s a sign : left or right
one step ahead or take a step back
Then I’ll choose stop
cause I don’t want to end up with regret on my next destination

Yogyakarta, February 16th, 2020-06.04 a.m.

5 respons untuk ‘Poem | Crossroad

  1. I used to overthink everything that bothers me, especially something that I cannot predict.
    But, lately, I feel so damn tired of it! I just act through it and choose to be ‘bodo amat’ with everything that might happen.
    Focus only on the present and think accordingly for the future.

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    1. The ‘scariest’ part of thinking about future is failure and uncertainty. But, life, itself, is so full of uncertainty. So, I just try to do the best and be the best version of me on the present cause there’s no guarantee if I still breathe or not for tomorrow. Anyway, thank you for coming and reading.

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