Short Poem | Rise and Downfall

photo by Gerd Altmann from pixabay

How many times do I have to die?
so that I’ll know how’s being alive in a place and time
among the changes and pressures
Let me switch my soul with the new one
as a redemption
and a sign that I never forget to rise after my downfall

May 21st, 2021


Poem | Winner

photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from pexels

Can I be a winner without weapons and soldiers behind?”

Push my limits out of the borderline
to have a better sight
of what I can and can’t
threat and chance
on all four quadrants

Change happens to all
permanent or temporal
like a mood swing
the daily dose of on and off

Or going through the hardest part
purify my heart at the start
from any stain that blocks the light
so I can get lost on the right track
and know which side I have to stand up

May 15th, 2021

Poem | When Ramadan Leaves Us

photo by

Your existence is a peacefulness
among the blatant lust
You’re like a water
that put out an anger
so that it can’t spread to all directions
You’re like a home
a place to return my longing after a year of separation
You’re like hands
that lend a forgiveness
and embrace with an affection
even though my sins are as much as the sea foams

You’ll leave me
Replace with new month
And I’ll wait till you come over me
once again

Night before Eid Al-Fitr, May 12th, 2021 (30 Ramadhan 1442 H)

Poem | The Most Torment Loneliness

Photo by Bob Price from pexels

Good night, moon
Have you ever felt lonely when everyone falls asleep?
There, you keep shining
When the city lights are on

They said, “you can find loneliness everywhere”
even in crowded places and situations
from reunion to my 3 a.m. conversation

Known or unknown
I know better what’s the most torment loneliness
Until you realize that one sided love is just nothing

Sunday morning, May 9th, 2021

Poem | Drama King

photo by cottonbro from pexels

Give me an evidence if your love is the truth that I can trust
Bring me hope from your deepest heart
Make me say “no” to any doubt

Give me an evidence if your shoulder is the best place to cry on
Bring me warmth from your embrace
Wipe my sorrow like I sweep the dirt on the floor

Don’t promise me anything
If you can’t keep your heart from lying
and put makeup of a fake smile

Look at me
Tell me everything with your eyes
Let’s shut our mouth for a moment
Will you?

God, I should be grateful
for Your guidance
so I can be on track to stay sane
away from the drama he created to drive me insane

May 3rd, 2021