Poem: Born

My poem was born from words’ womb
My words were born from imagination
My imagination was born from observation
My observation was born from curiousity

They’re born without father
and don’t need him
But, they have mother
who will always love and take care of
so that they can grow up: bigger, higher, wilder
and at the same time: killer (if they could be)

August 4th, 2020

Poem | He-Who-Teaches-Me-How-to-Laugh

photo by Julia Avamotive from pexels

Tell me,
that you don’t come
to give me hope
or offer a new romance
Cause I won’t be trapped in the same mistake

What do you want,
by this kind of wish?
I can’t tell,
is it a joke?
Cause you’re such a flirt

From you,
I learn how to laugh :
how life is so ridiculous
how you playfully said
that I’m your dopamine resource

Once again, you make me laugh
Keeping me in our conversations
Should it be longer,
till we finish our cups of coffee?

Let it flow or go
without pressure or compulsion
We’re just actors
that follow God’s scenario

Saturday night, end of July

Poem | A June Rain (Memoir of A Poet)

private document

I thought a June rain was only written in a poetry
But, I see it cover up my town almost everyday
Making the sky mourn and people lose their intentions to run the jobs

I thought a June rain was only a piece of poetic phrase
But, it’s too nostalgic to be missed or ignore
even by a passerby or a girl who curled up under the blanket

I thought a June rain was just a myth
But, it’s an anomaly that caused by human greed
so, our mother earth is angry and let go of her wrath to everybody

June 23rd, 2021

*) This poem was inspired by Sapardi Djoko Damono’s most well-known works, Hujan Bulan Juni, with one of the most iconic line that frequently quoted is “Tiada yang lebih tabah dari hujan di bulan Juni…

Poem | Tone and Words

photo by pixabay from pexels

It doesn’t need words to make you stunned
Cause it’s created to please your ears
Once in a while it will drive you in a dance
On another day your feeling will be messed

But, the words are here to talk
to those who are breathe
to those who are burried
Unite with the tone to complete the puzzle piece of stories
And blow a spirit to the dying imagination
so that it will be alive once again

June 17th, 2021

Poem | Drama King

photo by cottonbro from pexels

Give me an evidence if your love is the truth that I can trust
Bring me hope from your deepest heart
Make me say “no” to any doubt

Give me an evidence if your shoulder is the best place to cry on
Bring me warmth from your embrace
Wipe my sorrow like I sweep the dirt on the floor

Don’t promise me anything
If you can’t keep your heart from lying
and put makeup of a fake smile

Look at me
Tell me everything with your eyes
Let’s shut our mouth for a moment
Will you?

God, I should be grateful
for Your guidance
so I can be on track to stay sane
away from the drama he created to drive me insane

May 3rd, 2021

Poem | Miserable Old Book

photo by Ylanite Koppens from pexels

My deep condolence for an old book on the shelf, in the corner of the room,
which is left dusty,
without a care or a lil touch

An old book plays its memories back,
remembering of when and who’s the last visitor that came to see,
Could it be two years ago, before all of the chaos? Or older than we’ve ever thought?”

An old book cries,
cause there’re no friends to talk to,
not even one,
Is everyone busy, so they don’t have time to talk to me? Or thing they always carry everywhere that makes them forget me?”

April 24th, 2021

*) this poem is written to commemorate World Book Day 2021 on April 23rd yesterday.

Poem | Storyline of Crime Series

photo by Vijay Putra from pexels

She was sensing an infidelity
on a man who promised to make her the one and only
But, he lied

She smelled a betrayal
asking her man of what he hide
But, she found a denial

She was feeling a jealousy
after knowing that her man still kept his old lover in his mind
And they often meet behind

She shouted to him
What kind of disgrace is this?”
Then he blamed herself as a replied

She wrote a screenplay
with the perfect storyline of crime series
when a woman murdered a man for thousand times

But, he didn’t die
Cause she gave him more painful pain than the death itself

April 22nd, 2021

Poem | Stolen Dreams

photo by pixabay from pexels.com

Listen to what her tears say
A distress call
from afar
An anxiety rise
before the sun

Don’t you know,
that she’s frightened?
She won’t tell
Cause there’s nothing left
Just a blank space

Her eyes
are windows,
an entrance door
that help you
to discover
her wounds
from the past
to nowadays

Her eyes
are windows,
an entrance door
that help you
to understand
her stolen dreams
Cause you are

the reason
behind her fears

Mid April, 2021

Poem : Don’t Kiss Me With Your Lie

photo by Rodolfo Clix from pexels

You’ve told me
truth is the key
to unlock the mystery
to break the barrier
that prevents us to look up the reality

You’ve told me
to not sugarcoat the fact
do my words through an act
that’s how you reflect
of what you say alike

So, I’ll tell you here
to slap me with your honesty
this bitter-sweet must be served
no matter how sweet the poison is
don’t make me drink it
no matter how bitter the medicine is
don’t you dare to kiss me with your lie

April 13th, 2021

Poem : Don’t Remember Me

photo by Sourav Das from pexels

Someday, when I’m really gone,
You don’t need to remember my name, my face, a place where I came from
Just remember me as a grass under the shade of trees, as little as unnoticed, small pieces in density
Or like a wild flower in your garden : unplanted but bloomed
Don’t remember me like a daydream
Cause you’ll regret if it turns to nightmare that haunts you every single day

April 8th, 2021