Poem | Book of Silence (Part 2)

photo by Panos Sakalakis from pexels

Shout out that you’re okay
No worries
No need to sorry
Raise your voice from the ground
Let’s make some noise

Although the world can’t accept
It doesn’t matter for you
Silence runs through your blood
even in your (broken) soul
speaks louder to you
when nobody can respect the way you do

Yogyakarta, January 19th, 2020-11.08 a.m.

Poem | Book of Silence (Part 1)

picture from pexels

Silence means “tired”
Silence means “take a rest”
Silence means “enough”
Silence means “wandering in thought”
Silence means “lost in imagination”
Silence means anything

Silence doesn’t need your judgement
Cause it’ll be missed by its worshiper
Silence doesn’t need your interpretation
Cause it interprets everything
better than you think

Yogyakarta, January 12th, 2020-05.28 a.m.

Poem | Rain and Memories of December

photo by Kaique Rocha from pexels

Still at the same place
Different time
Different feels
Whenever you told me to call you when I was in trouble

Still at the same place
Different time
Different feels
This longing seems like to tease me
reminds me of those memories
whenever it’s rain
whenever night created silence between us

Rain erases the dust that covered and burried our memories of December
just like how it removes a long dry season in a whole year

Yogyakarta, December 19th, 2019-06.12 a.m.

Poem | A Frozen Heart

image by Larisa-K from pixabay

The last time my heart was fluttered

I was too naive

I set up my expectations too high

Then I fell to the ground

Hurt. Broken. Damage.


Loneliness creeps into my heart

Haunted me in every sleep, every dreams

My brain doesn’t want to stop thinking

Forcing me to remember the memories I hate

How do I forget?


I let my heart freeze

Without knowing how to warm and melt it

Nobody can stay in such a cold place

Then, how can I keep the fire burning, if you keep watering on it?

Yogyakarta, December 7th, 2019-08.11 p.m.

Poem | Breaking The Walls

image from pexels.com

The walls on the left
The walls on the right
The walls behid my back
The walls in front of my eyes
Why am I here?

Please, let me see the world across the horizon
Wandering in every dream and reality
Finding the hidden treasures
Trying to be thankful of success
But, falling in love with the failure at the same time
Then, why don’t we break the walls?

Yogyakarta, November 22nd, 2019-08.10 p.m

Poem | The Chosen Path

Photo by Lalesh Aldarwish from Pexels

I choose the path that not everyone wants
am I weird?
am I crazy?
cause my awareness called me
“come and stay here!”

I choose the path that not everyone can stay
am I weird?
am I crazy?
cause my awareness warned me
“you better close your ears”

I choose the path that not everyone can see
am I weird?
am i crazy?
cause my awareness told me
“the third eye has awaken”

I’m here
against the boundaries
walking through the silence path

Yogyakarta, November 14th, 2019-07.28 p.m.

Poem | Genocide of Feeling

source by time.com

You always know how to break my heart
Even when it was still a plan in your mind
I can read it
Like I read a book

Sometimes, I wish it were winter in my homeland
Cause I would bury the heartbreak under the snow avalanche
or I could let it go and freezed by the cold air

I can’t stop you from breaking my heart
But, I always have thousand ways to heal
You might think that I haven’t done with these old wounds
There’s a thing that I never tell you about
This feeling was an old sin that had to be massacred through the genocide

Yogyakarta, October 21th, 2019-06.37 p.m.

Poem | An Old Song That Plays Too Many Times

source : pexels.com

I often imagine myself as a songwriter
who writes thousand songs about you and our memories in the past
But, I think it’d be hard
because everytime I move my pen to write my lyrics
everytime I rhyme a line of notes as the intro
I feel like imprisoned by fears
because there’s no word or note come into my head

I often imagine myself as a singer
who sings thousand songs about you and our memories in the past
But, I think it’d be hard
because everytime I try to hit the high note
everytime I enter the chorus
I feel like you strangle my neck
because the lyrics I want to sing
got stuck in my throat
and I can’t finish my singing till the end

You complained to me
about an old song that plays too many times on the radio
that you’ve heard this morning
You decided to change to another frequency
But, you still could hear it closed to your ears
Because you’re the one who played the song too many times in your head
without you realized

Yogyakarta, September 22nd, 2019-06.36 a.m.

Poem | Law of Fire (On 3 Clauses)

source by Cullan Smith on unsplash.com

Clause 1 : Jealousy

Those death glare
All over him
Pouty lips
Such a cutie
And oh, I think I saw something sparkling
Is it firework?
or sparks in her heart?

Clause 2 : Anger

My eyes didn’t trick me
How could she keep it?
Wasn’t she afraid that it’s getting bigger?
But, it’s too late now
He already pour the gasoline on
Instead of extinguishing

Clause 3 : Revenge

The sparks became bonfire
But, it’s not for giving you warmth
Not for tightening our bonding
through talking or singing along while playing a guitar
Stay away!
The fire will burn you to the death

Yogyakarta, September 21th, 2019-05.52 a.m.