Poem : When You’re Not My Home Anymore

source : pixabay.com

I thought home is only a building
A place where we take shelter from heat and rain
A place where we come back after a long journey
A place where we grow and reap love and affection

They said the truth
Home isn’t only building or homeland
But also someone
Where your soul belongs

You know,
about where to start, depart and arrive
when you can call it home

You know,
about home that was left by its occupant
when living in it was like a curse

You know,
when you’re not my home anymore
what else should I defend?



Poem : Eulogy

from pixabay.com

For you,
who have gone
who said goodbye
picked up by fate

In your eyes,
an obvious death
In your ears,
the death bell rang

Your name,
is mentioned
in a nostalgia
and prayers

About laugh and tears
about love and pain
that you left
which I took as a lesson

To You,
everything will return
To you,
this poem I hand over to


*) eulogy (n) : a speech or piece of writing containing high praise of a person or thing

Here, I am (A Letter)

photo by John-Mark Smith

Hi, WordPress and all,

It’s been a while since my last post in the middle of September 2020 ago. A lot of things happened to me in 2020. Good, bad, bitter, sweet, sadness, happiness etc. I’ve had to struggle to keep my health and sanity as well. Thankfully, I could handle it. So, how’s your 2020? I hope you all did great.

As I’ve ever said on my old posts, writing means a lot to me. My hobby, my passion, my way to express thought and feeling, my way to share and encourage others, even my stress reliever. That’s why I still write during my absence on WordPress. Yeah, I keep writing, but on another platform.

I’ve thought to quit and leave WordPress before. But, it’s also dilematic at the same time. I wanted to quit and leave. But, what’s the reason?

I’m not the one who loves to do something without any specific purpose and reason. If I don’t know why I should do something, if I don’t know what I’m doing it for, then I might doubt of what I do. So, here I am. Come back.

Well, it’s a bit awkward to write this kind of letter excuse. Since I haven’t written anything in English for almost 5 months, I’m sorry if I couldn’t state my word properly.

Sincerely yours,