Poem | Book of Silence (Part 2)

photo by Panos Sakalakis from pexels

Shout out that you’re okay
No worries
No need to sorry
Raise your voice from the ground
Let’s make some noise

Although the world can’t accept
It doesn’t matter for you
Silence runs through your blood
even in your (broken) soul
speaks louder to you
when nobody can respect the way you do

Yogyakarta, January 19th, 2020-11.08 a.m.

Poem | Book of Silence (Part 1)

picture from pexels

Silence means “tired”
Silence means “take a rest”
Silence means “enough”
Silence means “wandering in thought”
Silence means “lost in imagination”
Silence means anything

Silence doesn’t need your judgement
Cause it’ll be missed by its worshiper
Silence doesn’t need your interpretation
Cause it interprets everything
better than you think

Yogyakarta, January 12th, 2020-05.28 a.m.

My Thoughts on New Year Eve and New Hope for 2020

photo by Rakicevic Nenad from pexels

Every year end, people usually go outside or throw a New Year party to celebrate New Year Eve. But, I prefer to stay at home, having a quality time with my family or watching (marathon) movies or sometimes having a roasted corn and small talk with my close friends rather than go outside and trapped in traffic jam for hours (Yogyakarta, during the holiday season, especially on Christmas and New Year, is so crowded as hell).

When I told it to my coworkers, they just laughed and told me that my life is so pathetic. They often told me to looking for new lover, so my life won’t be too serious and I can be happier (the same shit that always repeating too many times in my ears). Whenever I hear that, I just smirk and “don’t care about shit” because happiness doesn’t need too much requirements. And I’m still living in a happiness even though I’m single haha.

Yeah, I mean I don’t care about how you celebrate New Year. Everyone has their own preference, right? Life is full of perspectives. If you find someone who has different preference or perspective from yours or people in general, you shouldn’t push your standard/value/preference/perspective to fit in him/her.

Not everyone should do like what you or people in general usually do. Life is about making a choice and decision, right? If I want to do ‘this’ or ‘that’, If I don’t want to do ‘this’ or ‘that’, then, it’s my choice, my decision. So, why’d you mind my own business?

2019 and New Hope for 2020

New Year isn’t complete without new hope and resolution. Instead of making unrealistic resolution, I’ll think first of what I have done in 2019. What’s something I should improve or do better? What’s my goal I want to reach next? How can I get there? etc. And I’d like to take a small action but do it consistently.

I’m glad that in 2019 I started blogging on WordPress (personal blog) and Kompasiana (citizen media), even though I couldn’t write or post something everyday. In 2019, I also moved to another company for a new job. I’m glad that I got better company and better boss than before. I hope I can make at least “a small difference and change” from my predecessor.

Sometimes, there’ll be busy day/week/month, so I have limited time to write. But, I still can manage it well when I have more leisure time (when the workloads aren’t much). I hope I can explore and improve my writing skill more in 2020.

WordPress and Kompasiana are like my home. Both of them are my place to escape from frustration. I can find many new friends who have the same vision and value with me. I can learn many things from all of you here and there.

Maybe we’re separated by boundaries, by very far distance, but, our thought and feeling are connected.

Happy New Years, everyone! I hope all of you can have great memories in 2020.

Short Poem | In-Between

photo by Rafal Naczynski from unsplash

What if I choose nothing?
What if I choose both?
What if I choose to be moderate?
If our lives contain many perspectives,
why we are forced to fit into any extreme?

Yogyakarta, December 25th, 2019-08.45 p.m.

*) Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it. Hope you guys are healthy and happy.

Poem | What's Growing Up?

photo by Luca Baggio on unsplash

What’s growing up?
Elders told me to change
Told me that I should take care of myself
Arrange my mind
Repair my broken heart and soul

What’s growing up?
Motivator and self-development books told me to step out of the comfort zone
Should I swim across the ocean?
Should I jump from 160-floors building?
I don’t think I need to enter the dangerous zone
cause it already came on my way

What’s growing up?
If my age and mentality don’t match at all
I refuse to be called “little kid”, but my mentality says otherwise

How far the distance between my goals and the place I stand stiil?
My growth became the bridge that connects them
But, I can’t count how far I take a step
cause I don’t care about the distance
I’ll crawl, walk or run, whatever I want
No matter how far

Yogyakarta, December 24th, 2019-06.59 a.m.

Poem | She's a Mother

photo by Liv Bruce on unsplash

My birth was a fate that He wrote
It’s not my authority to choose time, place or from the woman’s womb I was born into
She also had no authority to choose
who’s the child she’d be conceived and born

She’s a voice that I knew so well
I knew her from her calming heartbeat
when she held me in her embrace

She’s a familiar face
I knew her from her sincere smile
everytime she saw me

She’s the first word I could say
when I wasn’t able to speak yet
and understand how to spell a word

She’s a poetry that I never knew how to write
cause there’s no right diction to describe

Finally, only prayers that I can say
Hope Allah will always protect you

Yogyakarta, December 22nd, 2019-08.48 p.m.

*) Today is a Mother’s Day in Indonesia, so, I wrote this poem and dedicate it to all amazing mothers wherever they are, especially to my mother. I also wrote it in Indonesian version on https://www.kompasiana.com/lunaseptalisa/5dff4b8ed541df13d11482c2/ia-adalah-ibu

Poem | Rain and Memories of December

photo by Kaique Rocha from pexels

Still at the same place
Different time
Different feels
Whenever you told me to call you when I was in trouble

Still at the same place
Different time
Different feels
This longing seems like to tease me
reminds me of those memories
whenever it’s rain
whenever night created silence between us

Rain erases the dust that covered and burried our memories of December
just like how it removes a long dry season in a whole year

Yogyakarta, December 19th, 2019-06.12 a.m.

"Living in a Poem" (Collection of Poems that Used to be Highlight)

1.) Living in a Poem

Every word that lives in a poem, never asks to be liked
because it doesn’t need many reasons to be liked or disliked
Every word that lives in a poem, never asks to be understood
because it doesn’t need many theories to be understood or just to be enjoyed
Every word that lives in a poem, never asks to be praised
because it realizes that its existence may attract humiliation

Don’t want to be liked
Don’t want to be understood
Don’t want to be praised
It just wants life and freedom in a poem
where it doesn’t need to be bound to commas and dots
even you have freedom to interpret it as you want to be
as long as it has a chance to live once again

for the original article, click : https://www.kompasiana.com/lunaseptalisa/5d5dd582097f360fc0014f12/hidup-dalam-puisi

2.) I Want To Be Me

A friend told me that she’d be a secret code. Whether it’s a number, letter or picture. She told me that she’d be a mystery, even though it’s difficult, but interesting to guess and solve.

A friend told me that she’d be a wanderer. Whether a wanderer in her own world or in others world. She told me that she couldn’t endure and stay for a long time in a place that remembered her about her past.
“Too much wounds”, she replied.

A friend told me that she’d be a poem. She didn’t want to be a secret code because it’s too difficult for her. She didn’t want to be a wanderer because it’s too exhausting for her. Finally, she decided to be a poem so that she could hide the other side of her behind letter, space, words even commas and dots.

But, I don’t want to be a secret code, wanderer or poem. I want to be me with all the mysteries, past and wounds that shaped me to be someone who you know today.

for the original article : https://www.kompasiana.com/lunaseptalisa/5d23d0310d8230465a6207d7/aku-ingin-menjadi-aku

3.) Night That Lost A Conversation

That night, we tried to talk each other
You told me about a long dry season that never meet rain
about the southern wind that scattered the leaves, littering the yard
meanwhile I started raving about longing that lost its pier
and the past memories that I don’t know how long they haven’t been touched

Forth week of October
Heat met another heat
evaporate our conversations in the night that lost its coolness
just left the questions that keep in our heart

“This isn’t our usual conversations”
and we were silent for a long time
in the silence that I couldn’t understand anymore

for the original article, click : https://www.kompasiana.com/lunaseptalisa/5db61b7d097f366b5c7fc3e2/malam-yang-kehilangan-percakapan

*) Note : I posted some of my poems collection here as a special edition on achievement of 100 poems I posted on WordPress. I only choose 3 poems that used to be highlight and they’re my most favorite poem that I’ve ever written. The other reason why I only choose 3 because I’m tired to translate them into English haha XD (I wrote them in Indonesian, so, I just want to share some of them to foreign friends here). And if you’re Indonesian, you can check the original article on the link that I put above.

Poem | Song of The Rain

photo by pan xiaozhen on unsplash

Here, there’s no color change in December
Trees still have their green leaves
Rose still has its red
River and lake aren’t frozen
Just the sky which looks more greyish

She’s tired of hearing the curse
which released by the uncontrolled emotions
in the house, in the office, in the streets
when the horn was beeped together
by the impatients driver who stuck at the traffic and blazing daylight

She was moved to the rhythm of the rain
after waiting in the longing room
during long dry season

If the sound of rain is a song, then she wants this song played in her head when her lips are unable to sing a song of sadness anymore

Yogyakarta, December 8th, 2019-08.37 p.m. -after the heavy rain-