I’ll Be Alright

source : wallpaperswide.com

You always ask me how I feel

Repeating again from time to time

Till I lost to count how many times I hear it from you

Do you really care about me?

Or just want to mess up with my feeling?

My answer is still the same

Showing off my huge smile

Laughing out as if I’m the happiest person in the world


I don’t need your encouraging words

Keep it to yourself

All you wanna do is judge me

Torturing me with your death glare and sweet smile

My sadness didn’t mean anything to you

I don’t need your love

Everything you show me is fake

Our relationship is just like a game to you

I don’t want to waste my time

I’ll let you go, so you can be with someone who’s better than me


You don’t have to worry about me

Even though you’re not here anymore, I’ll be alright

You don’t have to be sorry

Even though my life is getting harder, I’ll be alright

Yogyakarta, February 25th,2019-10.12 a.m.


A Girl Who Fights Against The Darkness

source : facebook.com

I keep my eyes open widely

Walking through the unknown and mysterious path

I can’t see anything clearly

Are my eyes really blind?

Or is there no light here?

I don’t know why I am afraid of the darkness

My childhood memories come to my mind

Like the arrows released from its bow

I could hear your despair voice even the people around me were so loud

I could see fear lies in your eyes even in the dark

I could feel your disappointment and dissatisfaction of yourself

Feels like you are useless

Feels like you never move to another place

Just stay at your place now

The darkness that trapped me in, slowly began to loosen my strength

What should I do?

I don’t want to stop here

I don’t want to lose everything

This is not the end of my journey

As long as I am still alive, I will keep fighting against the darkness

Poems – Don’t Underestimate People

Don’t underestimate people who look shy, quite,silly, clumsy,awkward and unattractive

Cause you never know when will they show their true colors

Don’t underestimate people who love to take a walk alone, enjoy the beautiful scenery by themselves, talk to every animal they have met on the street

Cause you never know that they are great observer

They are not weird

Just people who are having fun in different way

Don’t underestimate people who are not popular and comfortable with small circle of group friends

Cause you never know that they are great friends who can appreciate the meaning of friendship

Don’t underestimate people who prefer to read a good book, listen to good music, watch a good drama or movie and do the artsy stuff rather than go to a party

Cause you never know that they can feel content by doing these things

Don’t underestimate people who love to write a poem

Whether they are amateur or professional

Whether the others will appreciate or turn their back

They can always take a moment to capture the beautiful side of life

Yogyakarta, April 5th, 2019-08.52 a.m.

Poems – Stagnation

source : 123RF.com

I got stuck at this point

No idea, no thought, no inspiration

Is this what an amateur probably facing?

A professional one said, “Don’t think too much”

Sounds so easy, right?

But, it doesn’t work on me

I try to figure out what the problem is

Till my brain is about to burnt

Where’s the inspiration?

Should I make an emergency call to 911?

Should I call the police after 1×24 hours?

I got stuck at this point

Like sailing in the wide and deep ocean without map or compass

Don’t know where to go

Don’t know what to do

Can’t anyone help me?

I have to get out of this stagnation before it kills me

Yogyakarta, April 1st, 2019-05.06 a.m.