Where Are You Going To Return Your Words?

source : chip.co.id

Where are you going to return your words?

the word has been written;




without knowing the truth;

without fact checking;

spread out everywhere like a virus;

never disappear even though you deleted it


Where are you going to return your words?

the word has been spoken;



without knowing the truth;

without fact checking;

there’s always the one who has been hurt;

there’s always the one who believed it and said ‘amen’


The words tear the peace apart


creating a chaos;

creating a war;

are you proud of what you did?

On the trip to Semarang, May 30th, 2019


A Woman Who Keeps Fire In Her Heart

source : https://www.pexels.com/photo/burning-book-page-1474928/

I lost to count how many days since the rain continued to flush this city. Leaves, lands, roofs, roads were wet. Left any puddles everywhere. Falling and melting in the rivers, lakes and ocean. Till it left coldness that gripped my bones and joints tightly.

It’s the best time for people to take shelter under the roofs and curled up under the blanket. They’re in a hurry to close their eyes faster. Resting all of tired senses, mind and heart after being forged by the sun’s heat, trapped in the traffic jams and chased by the deadline. But, there’s a woman who sat in her corner’s room. Holding a pen, scratching something I didn’t know. I could see her death stare. Her facial expressions implied something I didn’t understand the meaning behind. Because it’s like fusion between disappointment, anger, despair and weakness. Maybe fate has betrayed her.

The air was so cold outside. But, not with her heart that kept the fire. The fire is getting bigger. If she could take it out, maybe the whole city would be burnt. I thought there’s someone or something that switched it on. Whether it caused by consciousness or not.

Maybe you’ll ask how to extinguish the fire.

“No, dear! You can’t!”

“The fire will never be extinguished.”

It’s not really disappear from her heart. It’s just getting smaller. Someday, the fire can flare up to burn everyone and everything in the right moment.

Yogyakarta, May 24th, 2019-10.59 a.m.

If The Time Turns Into A Ghost, Where Are You Going To Hide?

source : pixabay.com

In this life, we always race against the time. The time slowly erases our age number till its end. If it comes to us, we’ll only be people who carry out our stories.

We’re the true explorer who wander to taste bitter-sweetness of life, find wisdom and sometimes immerse ourselves into contemplation. The time shows us some unexpected places, brings us together with another names and creates a beautiful memories on our minds. But, the time slowly cut out of the distance between life and death without us knowing it.

The time is like a mystery. It can make us find the answers of questions then mislead us to another questions.

We are all walk in the time tunnel. Sometimes, we have to grope the walls in the dark to keep ourselves going and not falling. Sometimes, we have to leave memories trace on every path we have passed. Sometimes, we have to quit on the crossroad to think again which way should we choose for the next journey.

In this journey, there’re always people who are ready and not ready. The time doesn’t know the word ‘wait‘. If you’re not ready, it can be a ghost who will chase and stab you. And if the time turns into a ghost, where are you going to hide?

Yogyakarta, May 23rd, 2019-08.34 a.m.

*) P.S. : I don’t know whether I use the proper grammar or not

[Poems]-I Started My Morning With A Poem

source : https://pixabay.com/id/photos/matahari-lanskap-alam-cahaya-hutan-4178175/

The sun has risen

Smile brightly at the earth

Smile at me

I closed my yesterday at night

Hopefully I can open my eyes tomorrow


I opened my day with new hope

I opened a new page and ready to write my stories

Whether it’s good or bad


I started my morning with a poem

Listened to the nature voices

Sniffed to the smell of my mother’s delicious cook

Catched every beauty that God has created

I prayed that the sky was still blue

And the sun still smiled at my country for a long time


I started my morning with a poem

But, I lost my words to express how thankful I’m

So, I just say to Him, “thanks for waking me up this morning

Yogyakarta, May 22nd, 2019-09.43 a.m.

[Poems]-Death Of An Old Pain

source : pexels.com

Everybody has their own old pain

I’m not the exception

Your words ripped my heart

Till my wounds became wider,

didn’t care even though there’s still wet wounds on the other part

I lost to count how many wounds did you make before


People thought how could somebody survive with a broken half heart, while the other half was in agony

Hoping for the new one that can replace this broken part

But, how could it be?


I can’t take it anymore

It will be a battle between me and my old pain

Who will be killed first?


I don’t have much time

bury those memories;

kill these old pain;

replace my broken heart with the new one;

then, let me laugh over the death of an old pain

Yogyakarta, May 14th, 2019-05.26 p.m.


source : pexels.com

What are you looking for in your life?

Seems like everything isn’t enough for you

Dying of jealousy

Craving for having what the others have

Without realized that they got it with blood, sweat and tears


Sometimes, you’ll find the obstacles

Sometimes, you’ll find people that bring you down

The dreams you are fighting for seem impossible

All of the efforts that you do seem don’t work

Crying without tears

Screaming without voice

The emotions are drained


Life is only about our turn, like a death

If they have been achieving something, while you haven’t, it’s okay

You’re not alone

Keep going on the right track

Keep your dreams alive

Keep praying

Life isn’t a races

Someday, you’ll reach the finish line

Yogyakarta, May 13th, 2019-12.33 a.m.


source : polyorigami.blogspot.com

I have my mind, so does the others

I have my heart, so does the others

I have my thought, so does the others

I have my feeling, so does the others

Then, what’s the difference between us?


Can somebody explain to me why something is considered true by some people and wrong by the others?

Sorry, if I’m too dumb to understand

Sorry, if I’m too naïve and innocent to believe

The more I try to find out the answers, the more I find another questions

It’s like an endless cycle


My visibility is limited by distance

My hearing is limited by frequency

But, there’s always plenty of room to expand my perspective


My eyes can only see what’s in front of me

My ears can only hear sounds with range 20-20.000 Hz

But, I can see the deep meaning behind something if I expand my perspective

Trying to figure out what will happen next based on the patterns I saw before


I don’t want to be stuck on binary logic

If I don’t choose A, doesn’t mean I choose B

If I won’t say yes, doesn’t mean I would say no

The world isn’t only black and white

And I won’t build my prison of mind

Yogyakarta, May 4th,2019-08.04 a.m.

Poems-Dear, What Are You Afraid Of?

source : reallifeglobal.com

Why aren’t you scared of me?

    Why do you care for me?

    When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

(Billie Eilish-Bury A Friend)

Dear, what are you afraid of?

Failure? Rejection? Ignorance?

Dear, what are you afraid of?

Past? Future? Death?

Let me kill those monsters


Stop thinking too much

Don’t let yourself be under their control

Wake up, dress up, keep your head up, look forward

Thinking about how precious you are


Dear, what are you afraid of?

Is there any specific reason to be afraid?

Don’t let them get in your way

If they force to come to you, run as fast as you can

Don’t get caught

Or they will end you quickly

Yogyakarta, May 4th, 2019-07.39 a.m.