Poem | Lucid


In her head, movie-liked scenes were played with a speed that made her out of breath.
Then, a background turned into an unknown place and I found a girl chased something like her own shadow.
But, the shadow ran too fast till a girl fall and screamed with the lowest voice I’ve ever heard

Kid, what time is it now?”

*) Lucid (adj.) :1. clearly expressed; easy to understand 2. clear in one’s mind; in control of one’s thoughts

Yogyakarta, September 7th, 2020-05.20 a.m.

Poem | Amortentia

picture by artstation.com

Amortentia (1)

Smell of love
Flowing through our gaze
Captured by heart
Turns into a feel
That only us can understand

Amortentia (2)

Oh dear, how to extinguish a fire before I’m in flames?
If I had to burn, would you like to give me splash of water?

Amortentia (3)

How do you put logic over emotion, to distinguish between love and obsession?
Those pretty girls aren’t for collection
unless you’re too easy to fall in love
If it’s just an infatuation, how can you hold it back?

Yogyakarta, August 31st, 2020-05.40 a.m.

Poem | Living Corpse

“If this can no longer resonate,
no longer make my heart vibrate
Then like this may be how I die my first death
But, if that moment’s right now, right now…”

-BTS on Black Swan-

Is there anything scarier than the death itself?
Only if you think that the death is scary
This soul is still in my body
Returned when I woke up
“The new day is coming your way”

“How can you continue your journey without compass?”
“Tell me your destination”
“Tell me what you want”

Your choice, your reasons of all the options

Why are you just silent?
Why do you stare blankly?
My heart pulse almost stop
Leaving me in a shock
Imagining of the worst scenario
Later, I realize that you’re not sinking in a trance
Someone, please tell me
that I don’t talk to a living corpse

Yogyakarta, April 9th, 2020-09.13 a.m.

Poem | I Speak Through My Soul

“Can you imagine a world without voice?”


I’m not going to tell you about how it feels when being locked in a dark room alone

Everyone knows. Although some of them are brave enough. Some people can’t stay still, dying of fear.


Even you shut my mouth or cut my throat, the truth is unveiled.

An unspoken one, mystery, whatever it says.

Do we need an explanation?


If I have to tell you everything, you won’t be able to know the meaning of my gaze.

Then my love won’t be the same. And my words are nothing.

Till you let me to speak through my soul

Yogyakarta, April 7th, 2020-01.12 p.m.

Poem | Court of Boredom

photo by Brett Sayles from pexels

In this empty room,

missing every routine

hoping for the day of execution

the day that you’ve always been waiting for


If there were court of boredom, would you like to sue him for murder accusation or ease the lawsuit?

Cause why didn’t you avoid him to enter your room?

Why didn’t you fight him back?

Instead of do nothing

Yogyakarta, April 5th, 2020-07.42 p.m.

Poem | 3 a.m. Conversations

photo by Adam Vradenburg on unsplash

A loud voice you can’t hear
Only me and my ears
at 3 a.m.
nobody’s around me
just night, silence and my imagination

An honest talk
“Yeah, I’m the real definition of imperfection”
Don’t expect anything
if you’re afraid of being hurt
and I’ll blame myself
for every mistakes I’ve done to you

At 3 a.m.
when you’re still dreaming under your blanket
I had a debate in my head
She gave me a death glare
gave me pressure

“Did I do a crime?”

Yogyakarta, February 5th, 2020-08.04 p.m.

Poem | Book of Silence (Part 2)

photo by Panos Sakalakis from pexels

Shout out that you’re okay
No worries
No need to sorry
Raise your voice from the ground
Let’s make some noise

Although the world can’t accept
It doesn’t matter for you
Silence runs through your blood
even in your (broken) soul
speaks louder to you
when nobody can respect the way you do

Yogyakarta, January 19th, 2020-11.08 a.m.

Poem | Book of Silence (Part 1)

picture from pexels

Silence means “tired”
Silence means “take a rest”
Silence means “enough”
Silence means “wandering in thought”
Silence means “lost in imagination”
Silence means anything

Silence doesn’t need your judgement
Cause it’ll be missed by its worshiper
Silence doesn’t need your interpretation
Cause it interprets everything
better than you think

Yogyakarta, January 12th, 2020-05.28 a.m.

Poem | Like a Music

Bird chirping is like a music
of delicate morning
as the beginning of the day

Adults work
Students study
Birds left their nests
Finding out food for their babies
Nocturnals sleep
Saving the energy for hunting at night
Plants stand still
Giving us a shelter from the sun heat
Like a music of passionate afternoon
Music that will burn your spirit

The sun goes down
Tiredness gather in the body
It’s time to go home
enough for today

Beautiful sunset
Like a music for a lover who sits next to each other
“It’s too beautiful to pass by”

Black skies above your head
Moon and stars shine
Lighten up the villages, mountains, valleys and places far away from noise
Because the city always forget
how moon and stars shine
at least when the city lights are off
Like a music of quiet night
before the day change
and new hope is written in the next morning

Yogyakarta, November 24th, 2019-06.31 p.m.