Poem | Book of Silence (Part 2)

photo by Panos Sakalakis from pexels

Shout out that you’re okay
No worries
No need to sorry
Raise your voice from the ground
Let’s make some noise

Although the world can’t accept
It doesn’t matter for you
Silence runs through your blood
even in your (broken) soul
speaks louder to you
when nobody can respect the way you do

Yogyakarta, January 19th, 2020-11.08 a.m.

Poem | Book of Silence (Part 1)

picture from pexels

Silence means “tired”
Silence means “take a rest”
Silence means “enough”
Silence means “wandering in thought”
Silence means “lost in imagination”
Silence means anything

Silence doesn’t need your judgement
Cause it’ll be missed by its worshiper
Silence doesn’t need your interpretation
Cause it interprets everything
better than you think

Yogyakarta, January 12th, 2020-05.28 a.m.

Poem | Like a Music

Bird chirping is like a music
of delicate morning
as the beginning of the day

Adults work
Students study
Birds left their nests
Finding out food for their babies
Nocturnals sleep
Saving the energy for hunting at night
Plants stand still
Giving us a shelter from the sun heat
Like a music of passionate afternoon
Music that will burn your spirit

The sun goes down
Tiredness gather in the body
It’s time to go home
enough for today

Beautiful sunset
Like a music for a lover who sits next to each other
“It’s too beautiful to pass by”

Black skies above your head
Moon and stars shine
Lighten up the villages, mountains, valleys and places far away from noise
Because the city always forget
how moon and stars shine
at least when the city lights are off
Like a music of quiet night
before the day change
and new hope is written in the next morning

Yogyakarta, November 24th, 2019-06.31 p.m.

Poem | Breaking The Walls

image from pexels.com

The walls on the left
The walls on the right
The walls behid my back
The walls in front of my eyes
Why am I here?

Please, let me see the world across the horizon
Wandering in every dream and reality
Finding the hidden treasures
Trying to be thankful of success
But, falling in love with the failure at the same time
Then, why don’t we break the walls?

Yogyakarta, November 22nd, 2019-08.10 p.m

Poem | The Chosen Path

Photo by Lalesh Aldarwish from Pexels

I choose the path that not everyone wants
am I weird?
am I crazy?
cause my awareness called me
“come and stay here!”

I choose the path that not everyone can stay
am I weird?
am I crazy?
cause my awareness warned me
“you better close your ears”

I choose the path that not everyone can see
am I weird?
am i crazy?
cause my awareness told me
“the third eye has awaken”

I’m here
against the boundaries
walking through the silence path

Yogyakarta, November 14th, 2019-07.28 p.m.

Poem | Broken Promise

photo by Valentin Antonucci on unsplash

I’ve promised to stay strong
to always smile
to think positively
even in a hard times
even in a dark days

I’ve promised not to cry
not to show that I was fragile
not to tell everyone that I was hurt and broken
even when I have no reason to smile anymore
even when my legs were too weak to stand up

I’ve promised to draw happiness on your face
to whisper and scream through my poem
just to ease your pain
to keep you by my side
so, you won’t be alone

I’m not strong enough
to hold my tears
crying over broken promise
something that makes me sorry

Yogyakarta, October 30th, 2019-10.59 p.m.

Poem | Genocide of Feeling

source by time.com

You always know how to break my heart
Even when it was still a plan in your mind
I can read it
Like I read a book

Sometimes, I wish it were winter in my homeland
Cause I would bury the heartbreak under the snow avalanche
or I could let it go and freezed by the cold air

I can’t stop you from breaking my heart
But, I always have thousand ways to heal
You might think that I haven’t done with these old wounds
There’s a thing that I never tell you about
This feeling was an old sin that had to be massacred through the genocide

Yogyakarta, October 21th, 2019-06.37 p.m.

Poem | Music in the Middle of Silence

photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Silence wrapped the night
Sound of crickets played as the BGM
Universe played the elegies in maestoso
Before turn into moderato at the dawn; vivace when the sun rises and presto in the midday peak

People might be afraid of silence
Ironically, they come and go alone
I don’t know whether silence or noise you’d like to choose
Cause the noise often neglects you from remembering silence
That’s why you’re afraid

Actually, you don’t have to believe
those who scared you about silence
Cause you can hear everything
of vowels and consonants
in a perfect harmony and resonance

Yogyakarta, October 20th, 2019-05.53 a.m.

Poem | A Poet Who Lost Her Pen

source by Christine Sponchia on pixabay.com

Blank page
Waiting for someone who’ll write it down
Blank page
Waiting for someone who’ll tell the stories

Widened its ears
to capture every word
to memorize every meaning
to give a comfort
Blank page
Waiting for someone who’ll take the heart out

just to show what’s hidden
and hidden what’s shown
behind the poetry
but, she couldn’t rhyme
the words stop breathing
cause she’a a poet who lost her pen

Yogyakarta, October 1st, 2019-04.58 a.m.

Poem | An Old Song That Plays Too Many Times

source : pexels.com

I often imagine myself as a songwriter
who writes thousand songs about you and our memories in the past
But, I think it’d be hard
because everytime I move my pen to write my lyrics
everytime I rhyme a line of notes as the intro
I feel like imprisoned by fears
because there’s no word or note come into my head

I often imagine myself as a singer
who sings thousand songs about you and our memories in the past
But, I think it’d be hard
because everytime I try to hit the high note
everytime I enter the chorus
I feel like you strangle my neck
because the lyrics I want to sing
got stuck in my throat
and I can’t finish my singing till the end

You complained to me
about an old song that plays too many times on the radio
that you’ve heard this morning
You decided to change to another frequency
But, you still could hear it closed to your ears
Because you’re the one who played the song too many times in your head
without you realized

Yogyakarta, September 22nd, 2019-06.36 a.m.