Poems – A Pen

I thought you have this tool in your pencil case

Maybe you often bring it everywhere you go

When yo go to school.work or travel around the world

For some people this tool is like their companion, even for me too

With this tool, you can say any hopeful and encouraging words

But, you can also attack others with your bad words

With this tool, you can inspire or change their minds to be more positive

But, you can also spread rumor, fear and negativity to make others afraid and hopeless

With this tool, you can receive compliments because of your amazing skills or stories

But, you can also receive criticism, whether it is good or not

Like a coin, it has two side that you can choose

It can be light or dark

It can be nice like a daydream or terrible like a nightmare

For me, I’ll turn it into something that I can use to write my own history

Is it okay if I crave your attention through this path?

I’m still young, I’m still lacking of my skills, but nobody can stop me

Please wait, I’ll make my pen sharper someday

Yogyakarta, March 28th, 2019-05.44 a.m.

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