Poems – Our Dreams

When did you dream for the last time?

Are you still afraid?

Please, don’t worry, I’ll be by your side

I’ll accompany you with my existence

Existence that reflects on every poems I wrote

Even though I still try to find my own style;

even though I often feel difficulties on explaining my thoughts and emotions through the words;

even though people will ignore or laugh at my works;

No one can create the boundaries of our dreams

Whoever do that, ignore, walk away

Whatever the obstacles are, break them all

The one who knows your weakness and strength is you

You know better what you can and can’t do

Don’t let them tell you otherwise

They might bring us down

underestimate our dreams;

stopping our steps;

rejecting our existence;

But, as long as we believe in ourselves

As long as we believe in His power

Success will follow us at the end

Yogyakarta, March 27th, 2019-04.36 a.m.

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