A Hell Called Workplace

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The workplace or office is full of adults from different background, knowledge, skill, experience and personality. Actually, as an adult, they can think and act like adult. Because they’re adults, they should understand the reponsibilty. Adults should know how to distinguish between right and wrong. Their mindset has built up, so, they can take an action and make their own decision.

But, in reality, I always find people (both of employees and bosses) who do not understand their responsibilities, unable to respect others (treated others like robot or machine, not human), put forward their own egos etc.

I have had a boss in my previous workplace that do not understand the rules and procedures. She never wanted to be blamed even though what she actually did was wrong. She’d rather trust the flatterers than those who tell the truth and show her the fact.

And you know, she fired 2 employees from production division and 1 accounting SPV. What surprised me was that the reason for their dismissal wasn’t a logical cause. Not long after they fired, one of my coworker in the same division with me, resigned cause she couldn’t deal with the boss attitude anymore.

When I wanted to resign, the company was looking for my successor. The company asked me to taught her anything that she’d do as her job desc.

After 3 days I accompanied her, I tried to let go of my assistance. And the next day I was forced to come to the office after she had told me that she had been intimidated by the boss. I remembered that she told me while crying back then. Finally, she only worked in the company for 1 week then decided to left.

The workplace should be an arena for healthy competition and collaboration. Not a battlefield between parties who have ‘certain interests’. Not a place for character assassination.

The adult world should not be too much drama. But, in reality, there’re many people who love to create ‘the office dramas’. And I really hate this situation. That’s why I always avoid it. I don’t care if they consider me as indifferent, cold, apathetic and so on. Well, I also don’t like and have no time for those kind of dramas.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

No Matter How “Easy” Their Jobs, Respect of What They Do!

“What you do isn’t anything”

I don’t know how to respond. I don’t know what should I say. But, I’m kinda triggered and annoyed of what he said to me yesterday. Okay, I think I take it too far. I think I’m too sensitive but I just want to share here (Of course, you can give your opinion here and I’ll respect it). I know, he’s a boss. His position is higher than me. His responsibility is heavier than mine. Maybe my jobs are just a piece of cake for him. I understand that he has more knowledge and experience than mine. But, he’s not me. He doesn’t do my jobs.

Honestly, I don’t like when people think and act that their jobs are harder than everyone else, so they underestimate and disrespect others. Even though it seems that their jobs are easy, it doesn’t mean that the jobs are free from difficulties and problems (I believe it! I don’t know how about you). The company where I go to work has several business units : restaurant, hotel, property and plantations. Because I share a work space with hotel employees (the hotel and restaurant are still in the same building), I often interact with them too, including security officers, janitors, receptionists etc. If I look at my receptionist friend’s jobs at the first glance, their jobs seem so pleasant and relaxed. Seems like their jobs are nothing compared to mine which is related to data, numbers, details, technical, deadline and so on. But, is it the reality they faced everyday? I don’t know. Because I never did it before. So, I don’t want to give a judgement that easily.

I believe that all of jobs, whatever its type, whatever its position, must have difficulties and problems. No matter how small or easy the work done by someone, please, respect them for what they do. No matter how small or easy it is, I believe it always has benefits as long as it’s something good. Because, if there’re not them, who wants to do it?

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Writer’s Dilemma : Principles and Idealism vs Market Taste

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There’s a romance novelist I knew on blogging community shared her thought and concern about sex and violence scenes in popular romance stories, especially on platform, like wattpad and fanfiction.net. In her opinion, that scene is too vulgar and she worried if it’d damage the youngster’s moral and mentalities, especially underage readers. Okay, I don’t want to talk about “eastern culture” or “moral and ethic” here, because the explanation will be longer and kinda risky in rising a heated argument. But, yeah I know what she feels cause I have the same worries. As a romance novelist, she regretted the creativity of romance story writers whom she considered to be limited only to sex and violence scenes.

She also regretted why romance stories with the nuances of sex and violence became more popular and loved by many people. When she shared her opinion, one of her friend called her as “moralist” (in a mocking tone).

Moralist (n) is a person who has strong ideas about moral principles, especially one who tells people how they should behave
(Oxford Advanved Learner’s Dictionary)
I wonder what’s wrong if someone is considered as moralist? Please, tell me if it’s good or bad!

Have Your Own Principles and Idealism

Every writer must have uniqueness and writing style. Our writing style usually almost similar with the way we talk. If you try to copy others writing style, even he/she is your role model, your writing seems has no soul. Because you write like others, not yourself.

Principles and idealism in writing are also important owned by every writer. My blogger friend that I’ve told you about at the beginning, has the principle and idealism not to include sex and violence scene in her works (even drugs and alcoholic drinks are shown only a little as an explanatory, not a major element).

There’s another blogger friend who’s more senior (both age and experience) , always including his personal experiences as real examples of what he wrote. His writings are rich in life wisdom and very characterized (he’s already three quarters of a century old, so his life experiences are numerous).

I have principles and idealism in writing, which is not only able to entertain but also educate, both myself and others. I also maintain the principles of simplicity, honesty and sincerity in writing. I don’t want my writing is only about bundle of words, but also has meaning and able to touch others heart or make others brain work to think, even though only 1 or 2 people.

Idealism vs Market Taste

An idealist writer often find dilemma between maintain the idealism or follow the market taste. If you’re an Indonesian, I’m sure you know how’s the quality of our TV programs today, especially shitnetron (I mean sinetron) and FTV. I have ever read an article that contained interviews with some sinetron and FTV script writers. They claimed to the media that their scripts often have to be revised because the scripts were considered as “too intelectual” so people will find it difficult to understand. “People” referred to here is the lower middle class and uneducated people.

For me, there’re 2 things I want to criticize. First, this country actually never lack of smart and creative script writers. But they’re forced to meet market tastes and pursue ratings, that’s why they’re being forced to sacrifice their principles and idealism. Secondly, if the target is lower middle class and uneducated people, can’t they produce entertainment programs with “better quality” but still entertaining? “A better quality” doesn’t mean it must be “too intelectual”. Got the point?

Okay, back to the topic. Honestly, I’m sad yet embarassed to know how pitiful the readers tastes (and TV viewers) in this +62 country. I’m sorry, I do not intended to humiliate my country itself. Like a TV programs, can’t romance writers write love stories that aren’t vulgar but still romantic? Love is universal language besides music, so, don’t narrow the meaning of love with such ragged romance stories like that. And love must not only be shown by sexual desire. Only narrow minded people who think that sex is the only way to show how you love someone.

Writing love stories that fit in market tastes (applies to any type and genre of writing) will probably bring more popularity and money. So, should our principles and idealism be traded with those kind of things?

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Why Do Poets Love Silence?

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Writing is an activity that needs good concentration. That’s why writing often can’t be done when the surrounding is too noisy. Noises can disturb their focus. Usually, midnight or early morning are their productive and maybe favorite times because at that times, the atmosphere is still not too noisy and crowded. The surrounding hasn’t fully awaken yet.

I have my favorite times for writing. I usually do it in the early morning (around 04.00 a.m.-07.00 a.m.) before I go to work or in the evening (around 08.00 p.m.-midnight) before I sleep. I often find some writing ideas or isnpirations at that times, so I called it as “time for ideas explosion”.

I think silence is like a “bestfriend” for writers in general, and poets in particular. For me, I love silence because I can be more “powerful”, productive and creative, so I can do contemplation and catch some inspirations before I write it down. I also can catch the feels and vibes from silence, so it gives me “power” to write a poem.

Silence seems gives birth to many poems through the poets’ hands. If you realized, actually a lot of my poetry tells about silence, whether the poetry I’ve writte on WordPress or the other site. The same thing I found not only in my poetry but also in others’ poetry. For poets, silence is often treated like “human” who can do human’s activities and has feeling. Silence is often treated like a “bestfriend” who always accompany you in every happiness and sadness. Silence is often treated like a “lover” who you can cuddle with.

Silence is love. Silence is power. Silence is inspirations. Silence is bestfriend. Silence is lover. So, what do you think? Do you need silence to create your amazing artwork (especially writing)? Or you’re the typical person who can work well on every condition and atmosphere?

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Freedom of Art

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Art was created to break the standard and barriers which are sometimes too rigid and conservative. This can’t be separated from its nature which is one of the best way to express human feelings. Art is identical with creativity and imagination. As we all know, creativity and imagination can’t be limited. As long as inspirations or ideas are still exist, our brains still work well, our heart still can feel the beauty, then creativity and imagination will never die. Inspiration is the fuel. Five senses are like the camera which capture every inspiration that comes to us. Brain and heart are the place where the inspiration takes a process. Our body will execute it to be a beautiful art (it can be visual art, audio art or audio-visual art).

Art is about freedom, beside beauty. Because of this nature, art is difficult to be assessed and perceived. I could say that there’s no absolute assessment and perspective to assess and perceive an artwork. There’s no right and wrong in assessing an artwork because it’s not science. There’s no good and bad because it’s not about morale, ethic or manner. I have ever said in my other post that there’re only beautiful and very beautiful in art. This opinion belongs to my music teacher in high school. She said it in the beginning of her lessons when we were still 10th grader. And I still take her words as my principle and guidelines until now.

But, on the other side, freedom of art needs an honesty. Art is an expression of human feelings, so, what you feel will determine how your artwork looks like. Human feelings can’t be manipulated. Your mouth can lie, but your heart can’t. You might show your smile, so, people would see you as a happy person. But, does your heart feel that happiness too? Only you and God know what you feel in the bottom of your heart. Because art is an honest expression, then, art shouldn’t be forced and controlled by certain parties to merely fulfill their interests, so, it can damage the meaning and values of the art itself. Every art is beautiful and delicate. But, how beautiful of an artwork depends on the ability to describe the reality and touch human feelings. *)

*) this short article is just my random thought in the middle of running out of ideas.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Non Educational Yet Cliche Things On Every “Mainstream” Romance Novel

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I don’t hate romance or love story. Even though it’s not my top favorite genre, but, I still can enjoy it. It still can draw my attention and make me lost in my imagination too, as long as it’s not cringe and mainstream. Writing a romance novel is not wrong. If you want to make it as one of your specialities, that’s good. But, should the romance novel contain such non educational things?

Here are the non educational yet cliche things on every “mainstream” romance novel.

  • Love Triangle. Two males character are fighting over a beautiful female character. One of those male character is bad guy, rebel, arrogant but so popular among girls. And the other one is good guy with an angelic personality and vibe. Meanwhile, the female character is beautiful, innocent, naïve and fragile. In the end of the story, the bad guy always be the winner of female character’s love.

My opinion : In real life, sometimes, I found something “strange”. Girls always dreamt of having a good guy as their boyfriend or husband. They dreamt to be treated like a princess if they could date or marry a man like that. But, when the bad guy comes on their way, they choose the bad guy over the good guy in the end. Later, when they’re hurt and their relationship ended, they regret, cried and said, “All men are jerks!” (In other word, they blame on the bad guy, whereas it’s those girls’ mistake). So, who’s the stupid? Anyway, what’s cool about a guy who’s arrogant and likes to mess up with women’s feeling? Because, if it happens on me, I’d rather kick his ass off than date him and end up being hurt.

  • Queen Bee. In every mainstream romance novel, there’s always a queen bee, the girl who bully the main female character. The queen bee usually described as beautiful, sexy, rich, popular and surrounded by her “bitches” friend everywhere she go. The queen bee usually becomes the third-wheel between the female and male character relationship. Strangely, the main female character always looks weak and doesn’t have courage to fight or stand up for herself at all when hurt.

My opinion : This scene is annoying to me. I mean, why do you have to fight over one man, instead of looking for another? Are men in the whole world only him? Girls, please, if he doesn’t love you back, it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough for him. Yeah, I know it hurts you. One sided love is another reason of broken heart, beside break up. And I have ever had this experience too. If he doesn’t love you, then, do you want to force him? Do you want him to love you because of being forced? What if he is unhappy? Is this kind of relationship you wanted? My dear friends, love will not bring happiness if it’s done by force. Well, it doesn’t only apply for women but also men.

  • Love Story Between “the poor girl and rich guy”. Usually, the main female character is described as a girl who’s coming from poor family. Meanwhile, the main male character is described as a guy who’s coming from rich family. When the two are in love each other, the male’s parents (especially his mother) disagree of their relationship. Then the mother will do anything to separate them, especially arrange a marriage for her son and another rich girl (the rich girl is usually a daughter of their business colleagues). If a poor girl manages to marry a rich guy, then, she will often get bad treatment from her mother-in-law.

My opinion : Why does it have to be a female character who comes from poor family? Can’t this love story happen between two people who come from the same social status? (both of them can be from poor or rich family equally). Actually, in real life, a marriage between two people from different social status also exists. But, not all of them have such tragic fate. My friends ever said that struggling together from zero with partner is more worth and memorable. (Yeah, I agree with it)

  • Hate Turns Into Love. Love story between the male main and female characters often begins with hating on each other before falling in love. They fight and argue a lot.

My opinion : Why must there be hatred before each of them realize that there’s love between them? Can’t a love story begin with something better? Or can’t their love story happen unexpectedly? So, it has a surprising and unpredictable effect. I think it’s more fun and worthed to read.

  • Crash into each other. This is so cliché yet funny at the same time. After they crash into each other, usually, the female character will drop her stuff then the male character will take the fallen stuff. Accidentally, they are holding hands and staring at each other. Then they get acquainted and after all this time, finally they fall in love with each other.

My opinion : In real life, if I accidentally hit someone, I’ll apologize to him/her and vice versa. Instead of holding hands or staring at each other, this can be embarrassing moment. If falling in love or looking for soulmate is that easily, I think we should just crash into someone and drop our stuff, then let the next scene happen.

If you’re Indonesian, you must feel familiar with these kind of love stories. Yeah, it isn’t only happen in our TV drama (we often call it sinetron or FTV), but also in “mainstream” romance novel (usually in teens novel).

I used to read that kind of novel when I was in middle till beginning of high school. But, I got bored after a long time because it’s so repetitive (love stories like that have been written too often) and the ending is too easy to be predicted.

Like I said in the beginning, writing romance novel is not wrong. I know that teens life isn’t complete without love story (Actually, our life-as human being- isn’t complete without love). I know that love stories in adolescence are sometimes ridiculous, but they’re always worthed to remember. So, can’t a romance novel contain things that are more educational, classy and anti mainstream, not just entertaining? Isn’t love something universal? Instead of writing love story between two lovers-which both characters are portrayed as someone who’s too perfect-why the two characters aren’t portrayed as human beings who have strength and flaws? Shouldn’t we be able to love imperfections, not only pefections? My dear friends, remember, life isn’t as black and white as that. So, please, be more realistic!

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Everyone Deserves Love

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Have you ever fallen in love? How do you feel? You’ll feel joy, content and heart racing just to see his/her smile everyday. Every little thing they do seems so cute,sweet and special to you.

Have you ever broken heart? How do you feel? When you’re broken hearted, what you’ll feel is the opposite of how you feel when you fall in love. You can be broken hearted because of break up or one-sided love. But, broken heart can give you many life lessons to be stronger and careful in the future. As long as you can forgive yourself, receive your past and take the lessons with positive mind. Never face a broken heart with self blaming, self harm or suicide.

Actually, broken heart is a risk or “side effect” of falling in love. If you fall in love and even brave enough to confess your feeling to your crush, you have to be ready when he/she give you a disappointing answer. When you decided to be in relationship, you maybe face a break up or you want to take the relationship to another level (read : marriage) in the end. That’s also a risk or “side effect” of getting in relationship.

There’s no standard in defining the meaning of love. If you often hear that music is universal language, there’s one more thing that can be considered as universal language. What is it? Yes, it is love! I believe that love is the best gift from God. He created us with love. He is showering us with love everytime and everywhere. Therefore, humans are “love creatures” so, it’s really normal if they want to love and be loved. Everyone deserves love. No matter who you are. No matter what your life background. Love doesn’t only happen between the two lovers, but also happen between children and parents, between students and teachers, between sisters and brothers, between friends or best friends, between humans and animals and plants, between humans and nature even between humans and God. All of you are precious and deserve love. And don’t forget to always love yourself. Because no one can love you as well as yourself.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Literature/Fiction Work Deserves Love and Appreciation

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This morning, I read an article written by a member of online community writing that I joined in. She said that political column on the site should be deleted because it becomes a “battle field” for spreading hate speech, racist abuse and slander. The second reason is because many members or writers who wrote in the column weren’t based on objectivity and good analysis. Most of them wrote based on “like” or “dislike” only.

Even the site was once infiltrated by an ex convict of corruption case (he was once a fugitive because he had fled abroad) using a pseudonym as his account name. And that person often wrote in political column. But, of course, he likes to make a fuss with his writings. I was surprised when I read the fact. I be like, “how come?”

She also criticized why literary/fiction column was treated like a “stepchildren”. She said that literary column doesn’t get love and appreciation like other columns (the writers are no exception T_T). Honestly, I’m happy that she voiced out what we felt because I’m the one of writer in that column haha XD. I bow down 12345789 times to her.

After reading her writing, I became a bit sad. Is the appreciation so low for literature work and its writers? Yeah, maybe because it’s just literature/fiction work, people assume it’s only writer’s imagination, doesn’t provide knowledge at all. Is the assumption true? Haha, people who understand, won’t say things like that!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a non-fiction haters! If you’re old reader of my blog, you’ll find that most of my posts here are poems and it’s included in fiction work (even though I wrote it based on my own experiences). I read non-fiction books and articles, mostly about humanities, mental health, socio-cultural, lifestyle, religion. But, sometimes I read other topics too. Sometimes, I write something related to those topics although in different forms. It can be poem, prose or opinion. Whatever I want. But, literature, especially poem has special place in my heart. Writing a poem makes me free. Free from telling my stories (whether it’s good or bad) implicitly and I’ll let the readers have their own interpretations. Even I can put in some actual issues on it.

I’ve also read an article that a literature can soften the reader’s heart. Why? Because, in fact, many moral values and life lessons are put in by the writers into their works. Beside that, in literature, especially poem, an inanimate objects seem to have lives and behave like humans. For example : dark swallows light, the sky close its curtain, the universe watches, smiling full moon, morning making out with the sun etc. They are also described as having feelings and can feel certain emotions, such as sad, happy, angry etc. When we can imagine that the moon can smile, the sky can be gloomy, lonely can rule, we will definitely think that if inanimate objects can feel these emotions, what about humans? Whereas, humans have five senses, have brains, have hearts, have thoughts, have feelings. If we can understand this thing, we will not dare to hurt others, both physically and mentally. So, reading a literature/fiction is as useful as reading non-fiction. That’s why it deserves love and appreciation too.

And about politics, actually, I don’t hate it. Politics is good. Sometimes, I read it too if it attracts my interest and assume it as important to be known. But, what makes the political image worse is the politicians and their fanatic supporters who justify any means for power. So, I don’t think it’s politics that I should hate, it’s their behaviour that makes me sick.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Are Critical and Hard-Headed People The Same?

teamwork illustration-source : pexels.com

I’m used to working individually or in teams, so are you. Working in teams is more difficult, challenging but fun at the same time. Why do I say it’s more difficult and challenging? Because, in a team always consist of many people from different character, habit, thoughts and background meanwhile we would like to make the goals and aims come true. Here, we have to learn how to put yourself well in the team. There’re always problems and conflicts. But, we can grow up together to be more mature because of them.

In a team, we can find teammates who are quiet or talkative, cool and calm or bold and daring, laid-back or perfectionist, humorous or serious, etc. And I bet you have teammates who are critical and opinionated. Critical person usually straight-forward and not afraid to stand up for him/herself or others. They are not afraid to say “wrong” if it’s wrong and “right” if it’s right. They tend to be not caring of what others think and say. As long as they have logical reasons to do or say something (especially if they disagree with something), then go for it.

They often misunderstood by people as intimidating, judgemental and hard-headed. So, according to the title, what’s the difference between hard-headed and critical person?

Critical (adj.) 1. indicating the faults in somebody/something or one’s disapproval of somebody/something; (2) [attrib] of or relating to judgement or analysis of something, esp literature, art etc; (3) (a) of or at a crisis, e.g. We are at a critical time in our country’s history; The patient’s condition is critical (b) of the greatest importance/crucial. Meanwhile hard-headed (adj.) means not allowing one’s emotions to affect one’s opinions or decisions. [1]

A critical person usually don’t trust someone/something easily. When they receive information or news, they’ll check the validity and truth first before they decide to trust it or not. They have “good eyes” to indicate mistakes on someone/something even the smallest things and they know how to correct them.

A hard-headed person usually has problem in understanding others feeling and needs. They rarely want to listen to others and hard to advised. These kind of people often gave a hard time to their parents and teachers when they were children.

These two kind of characters often make people irritated. Critical people are considered annoying because they put too much attention on small things and details which most people don’t think is important. Even they can nagging on small mistakes. Meanwhile hard-headed people are considered irritating because they often disobey the rules or others words. Whereas the rules or what people said might be right and good for them. But, their hard-headedness make them hard to listen to others.

So, how do you deal with these kind of people, especially in your team? Based on my own experience, having critical teammates is an advantage for me because their existence have opened my eyes and mind to be more objective and see the problems from different angle. Their existence can make a team more dynamic, colorful and different in implementing the ideas.

Sometimes, dealing with hard-headed people can drain my patience. But, I need to control myself when I talk to them, especially when I disagree with them and want to refute their opinions. If I feel like I’d lose control, I’d rather succumb and calm myself down than get into heated argument with them (tbh, I don’t really like arguing with others even though I’m right. Because I might hurt them, both mentally and physically, if I force myself to get in when my emotions aren’t stable).

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Reference :

[1] Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Oxford University Press. 1995

An Artist : Existence, Popularity and Negative Stigma

source : pixabay.com

Working on entertainment industry is not easy. As an artist or the person who works in art/entertainment field (whether they’re a musician, singer, actor/actress, dancer, comedian etc), they are required to have “something” unique that distinguishes them from others. They are required to be creative so the people will not bore.

An artist who works in entertainment industry is required to have fit, healthy body and good stamina in every condition. They are required to always look perfect from head to toe. Always smiling in front of camera and media. They aren’t allowed to show that they’re tired or sad in front of their fans. In fact, they’re just human, like us, who have feeling and emotions. They can feel happy, joy, sad, angry, tired, bore, stress etc. But, they have no freedom to show it to others because of their job (and responsibility) or they will be labeled as unprofessional.

Media also has a role in creating an image of the artist in public’s eyes. Tbh, entertainment industry prone to “racism” and “discrimination“. Media helped to form a single standard of beauty and brainwashed others to believe in it.

In Indonesia, entertainment industry is dominated by the mixed-blooded artists who have “western look” (white skin, tall, slim, pointed nose etc) meanwhile the “brown people” artists (Indonesian people are classified as Malay race which has brown or tan skin color as their characteristics. So, I used the term “brown people” to describe it.) are fewer in number. That’s why I have a thought, “are we brown people not more beautiful/handsome than those who are white people?”

portrait of Indonesia woman in traditional clothes-source : pinterest.com

Many people are finally attracted to this profession with assumption that they can get everything they wants. Popularity, fans, attention, money, big house, luxurious car and boys/girls are standing in a row hoping to be theirs. Having all of them can make your social status go higher in the society.

The Price An Artist Must Pay To Maintain Its Existence And Popularity

But, there’s no free things in this world. There’s any price you have to pay for that luxury. You have no privacy anymore because people always want to know everything you do. The media will inevitably hunt down the latest and hottest news or gossips about you to satisfy public’s curiousity.

You can’t enjoy the freedom anymore like an ordinary people because there’re always paparazzi who follow you quietly wherever you go. You make a little mistake and it’s captured by the camera, people all over the world will know what you’ve done. Blasphemy, insults and judgments will be addressed to you.

illustration of paparazzi-source : pixabay.com

The demands to always be perfect, no matter the age is no longer young, then many newcomers who’re younger, prettier/handsome and talented, make them have to struggle to maintain their existence and popularuty in entertainment industry. “I can’t lose my fans”, maybe this thought is on their minds. This is what ultimately make them stress and depressed. Finally, drugs become their escape. Or even worse is suicidal.

Drugs and Creativity

There’re 3 types of drugs that usually used by an artist : dumolid, shabu and marijuana. All three are used to strenghten the stamina of the artists who have tight and busy schedules. They live under pressure with limited privacy, looking for tranquility through drugs consumed.

Many people and famous artists claimed that using psychoactive substances can increase creativity. The use of alcohol and marijuana can encourage them to enter the “trance” (half conscious condition in a creative process).

A Dutch study of 60 people showed that using low-dose marijuana had no effect on increasing someone’s creativity. While the use of high-dose marijuana significantly decrease creativity. Zsolt Demetrovics, a researcher from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary, said that assumption of correlation between creativity and use of drugs was not clear, whether there was scientific support or not.

The Reasons Why Many Parents Forbid Their Children to be An Artist

Therefore, many parents don’t agree or forbid their children to pursue their career as an artist. They consider that an artist is a person who has no bright future. They consider artists are morally damaged, disorganize and disobey the rules because of their principle of “free life”. Alcoholic, drugs user, marry and divorce too many times are negative stigma that often addressed to an artist. This is why, many parents want their children to choose “safe jobs” with fixed salary so they can guarantee their lives when they’re getting older.

This negative stigma doesn’t occur without reason. Because they saw those bad acts done by the artists and media exposed them too much.

Art is a beauty. Art is beautiful and delicate. The quality of artwork depends on the extent to which its ability in describing the reality and touch human feelings.

Art isn’t only about aesthetics but also ethics. Using drugs to increase creativity should not be used as an excuses because it actually shows that you have no ethics as an artist.

Happy Sunday Morning. Have a great day. Don’t forget to be happy.

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