Poem | A Devil in My Nightmare

photo from pexels

Don’t tell a lie!
Everyone knows,
the scratched truth you told
an angelic face you showed
how you act like a gentleman

Don’t tell a lie!
Everyone knows,
what you hide behind your mask
a devil smile, a devil’s horn
when you thought that you’re successful in trapping an innocent soul

Take off your cloak
Before it wraps you too tight
and you won’t be able to breathe
Take off your crown
Before it sticks too tight
and you’ll find it difficult
to make your head up and straight

Your mask, your cloak, your crown
Why do you have to remind me of my nightmare?

Yogyakarta, May 1st, 2020-03.23 p.m.


14 respons untuk β€˜Poem | A Devil in My Nightmare’

  1. Luna, you need to decide whether making a poem, a song lyric, or any other story forms to write.. that was too tight, yeah sure it is strong enough but somehow we only put a few words to convey an intention such as “Aah” or perhaps “indeed”.. it is merely a suggestion you know, you’re the best


    1. I realized that I used repetition a lot on my writing above (I admit that it’s too intense and sometimes I lose control). I used it too in my other posts (I bet you know that). Well, sometimes I just want to emphasize some acts, thoughts or emotions based on what I see, hear, touch, think or feel. Thanks for your appreciation.


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