Short Poem | In-Between

photo by Rafal Naczynski from unsplash

What if I choose nothing?
What if I choose both?
What if I choose to be moderate?
If our lives contain many perspectives,
why we are forced to fit into any extreme?

Yogyakarta, December 25th, 2019-08.45 p.m.

*) Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it. Hope you guys are healthy and happy.


Bring My Freedom Back

It doesn’t mean I’m not thankful
It doesn’t mean I’m too greedy and needy
But, there’s something you can’t pay with money
you can’t trade in the market
you can’t change with prosperity
That’s freedom
So, why do you steal it from me?
Even on Sunday
Even in a holiday
Disturbing my time to rest

*) I’m not robot or machine who works 24/7 everyday T_T