Why Every Writer Needs Writing Break?

photo by Vlada Karpovich

Which one do you choose? Write everyday or take several days in a week to write?

For some people, writing isn’t only a hobby. It’s their main jobs.

They might be journalists, columnists, novelists, essayists, poets, editors, copywriters etc.

They gain money from writing.

Meanwhile, some people, who make writing as their hobbies, writing is one of the best stress reliever. It can be a great escape from busy days.

I think we couldn’t agree more that writing has many advantages.

It helps you to speak your mind and heart out through the words. Helping you to ease the pain and burden.

Writing is often used as therapy for people with mental disorders. Psychologist or psychiatrist often suggest them to express their problem honestly through expressive writing.

If you want to make some money while doing your hobby, writing can be one of the best choice. Whether you do it as your main or just side job.

Isn’t it a fun thing to do?

But, I have to admit that sometimes we can feel bored of what we do. No matter how we love writing, there’re times when we need to take a break.

So, here are the reasons why every writer needs writing break.

  1. To give you some times to refresh your mind. Don’t force yourself to write when your body, mind and soul are exhausted. Deadline, report, meeting, presentation, dealing with client, assignment, exams etc can be really exhausting for you. Breath fresh air, eat healthily, do workout, meditate, take a rest, do something fun or relaxing to refresh your mind and gain more energy.
  2. To give you some times to explore new ideas from various sources. Sometimes, you’re feeling stuck and lack of ideas. You just stare at a blank page and no words are coming. Yeah, that’s writers block. So, you need to break the writers block by taking your time to explore new ideas from various sources. You can read a book, blogwalking and greet your blogger friends, take a walk around your home, gardening, travelling (notes : don’t forget to follow Covid-19 protocol during pandemic), talk to your family/friends/loved ones etc. It’s really helpful.
  3. To give you some times to evaluate your writing. Maybe you wrote it in a hurry, so it might have some mistakes and not proper enough. Maybe you didn’t have much time to write, so, you only did a short writing (except poem). After re-reading and evaluating, you realize that the idea of your writing can be developed more.

So, how do you spend your writing break? Let me know your opinion and experience in the comment section.

Have a great day, everyone!


How I Apply Kaizen Method in My Writing Process

photo by Thought Catalogue on Unsplash

Have you ever had a writer’s block? I think it’s the problem that usually occur to every author.

Then, why could it happen? How do you handle this problem?

In the sector of lean manufacturing industry, this method is well-known and become a widely applied-philosophy by managements in business world. It is known as kaizen method.

Kaizen (derives from the word “kai” means change and “zen” means for the better) is a management method that originated from Japan, and was rooted in the classical Japanese philosophy and ideas. Kaizen philosophy emphasizes on “continuos incremental improvement“. It applies not only in industrial field or management-related things, but also other aspect of life, such as personal life, home life, social life, farming, construction, craftmanship, local government and humanity as a whole.

Many writings are written and published out there. Article, book, journal etc. They might discuss the same issue, topic or problem, but have you tried to find the weakness and criticize the content as well? Have you identified what’s still lacking from the writing?

Nobody is perfect. Same as writing. The weakness can be cause by lack of valid data and fact ,bias interpretation or opinion, contains logical fallacy, no longer relevant to current condition or limited knowledge of the author (especially in non-fiction or popular scientific writings).

So, here are the tips of how I apply kaizen method in my writing process.

  1. Read, read and read
    One of the best way to find ideas and inspirations is reading.
    You can read a book, article, journal, news, magazine etc. Read, then understand and contemplate it.
  2. Criticize the whole content
    After reading, you should identify the weakness so that you’d know what is lacking and how you can fill the “empty” part.
  3. Try to find another point of view
    As I said before, the writings can discuss the same issue, topic or problem. So, you should add “novelty” in your writing.
    Try to find different point of view that is still rare to discuss.
    You can explain it from socio-cultural, economics, environment, art, political and religious aspect (and other aspect). You can tell your own experience (it can be your parents, friends, spouse or others experience as well) if necessary.
  4. Write, write and write
    Just write what’s coming in your mind when everything is ready.
    Do not procrastinate if you really have a chance and time to write or the inspiration will disappear. Beware, inspiration is expensive and valuable.
  5. Check your writing
    Don’t forget to check and edit your writing before clicking the “publish” button.
    Read again your writing and make sure that everything is alright (free from typos, coherence within sentences and paragraphs, use of punctuation and so on). No need to rush.

Well, any other tips you want to add or share? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Have a great day, everyone!