Me and Literature : How Can I Fall in Love with Literature?

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Some people assume that literature is just a fiction and imagination. Not scientific. So, its existence is often underestimated by them. Reading a literature work is assumed as unimportant and useless. In fact, a literature work contains of many life lessons and moral values without patronizing the readers.

I have no literary blood from my family. There’s no one in my family works in the literature field. Most of them are not literature lovers too. I also never studied literature through formal education. I’m not literature student. I took natural science as my major in high school. Then I studied accounting when I entered the college. So, how can I fall in love with literature?

That’s because of my father. My father is the first person who introduced- and later, make me fall in love with literature. My father used to subscribe to the Sunday-morning newspaper and magazines too. Luckily, there’s a literature column in the newspaper which contains poetry and short stories sent by the readers. I loved to read them all even though I didn’t really understand what’s the poetry and short stories talking about and the meaning behind them. But, I enjoyed how the writers expressed their thoughts and feeling through the string of words beautifully.

My father likes to read literary novels and owns a lot. Some of them were taken home, and he kept the rest at his home in Jakarta (my father works at another city and he returns to home in Yogyakarta once every month). Historical roman is what he likes the most.

One of my father’s treasure. I found it when I cleaning. I haven’t finished it yet. source : private document

When I was in middle and high school, I joined in journalistic club at my school. In a journalistic club, I found friends who have an interest in literature and I learned a lot from them.I remembered my Indonesian teachers quite often give us assignments to write short stories, poems, make a review of literature work etc. Even one of my teacher has told us to collect our poems and short stories into a book. My friends often complained when they got writing assignments. But, not for me. For me, writing is love, writing is life.

Literature has made me fall in love with words, crazy about diction and thirsty for meaning. Literature has awakened my awareness to be human being who brings all past, wounds, tears, laughter and hopes, then assembling them into a complete story of the future. Helping me in understanding humanity and its culture better (yeah, I love the things related to humanity and culture). And now, I realize that we are the main character of our respective stories even though we are only supporting character or cameo in other’s stories.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.


My Words are on The Edge of The Death

My ideas drained

Become brainless


No colorful feeling anymore

There’re only 2 colors left behind : black and white

Monotone!” (Not monochrome)


My words are imprisoned

My pen can’t draw beautiful feeling perfectly

My voices disappeared

I’ve lost my words

There’s only 1 thing left behind : death

Death? What are you saying?”

Yes, baby, my words are on the edge of the death

Yogyakarta, July 14th, 2019-10.11 a.m.

Do Not Fall In Love With Writing

Do not fall in love with writing

Because the words will take you to the deepest level of contemplation

Forcing you to not only swim but also dive in the deepest level of meaning


Do not fall in love with writing

Because you will be bewitched by the metaphor

Surprised by the irony

Laughing-while-crying, thinking or maybe triggered because of satire


Do not fall in love with writing

Because it can make you lost in your thought

Wandering in your imagination

Till you find your way to transform it into a great story


Do not fall in love with writing

Because the time will be jealous of it

Writing is like an ecstasy

Once you fall in love, you will be trapped in addiction

Even the time can’t stop you and make you turn away from writing

Yogyakarta, June 16th, 2019-04.42 p.m.

How I Turn The Words Into A Poem

Do you know why I like cloudy and windy weather? Yeah, cause I won’t feel my body sunburn or my head is boiling and will explode soon. I also don’t need to worry about getting wet or catch a cold cause of raining. It’s perfect for me. Not too hot, not too cold. Just like this morning.


I don’t know if this city is still asleep or half-awake cause the streets are quite deserted. Ah, maybe because today is Saturday? Weekend? I don’t even know why. Who do you think I am? Should know everything? The thing I know now is I sit here at the veranda, drinking a cup of coffee while seeking an inspiration. Voices in my head asked, “what should I write today?”


Finding a good and right word to be arranged into whole sentences has never been easy for me. I often had a fight with my inner self, argue a lot with the voices in my head just to find a good and right word. I said “A”, they said “B”. I wanted “this”, they wanted “that”. How could I deal with these fight?


I always act like a chef when it comes to write, especially poem. My poem doesn’t only consist of words, but also : the unspeakable love, the eternal dreams, a passionate longing, non-bleeding wounds, a half of joy that flew away and the other half that left in my memory. Concocting all of them in my head, pour into a piece of paper, let the pen executes every words even comas and dots. The time will be the furnace that cook all of them till done. Then I’ll serve it with a cup of morning warmth and a plate of friendliness of sunlight. And I’ll give them all to a wanderer who’s thirsty for love and hungry for affection.

Yogyakarta, June 15th, 2019-04.15 p.m.

Where Are You Going To Return Your Words?

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Where are you going to return your words?

the word has been written;




without knowing the truth;

without fact checking;

spread out everywhere like a virus;

never disappear even though you deleted it


Where are you going to return your words?

the word has been spoken;



without knowing the truth;

without fact checking;

there’s always the one who has been hurt;

there’s always the one who believed it and said ‘amen’


The words tear the peace apart


creating a chaos;

creating a war;

are you proud of what you did?

On the trip to Semarang, May 30th, 2019