Poem | Quarter of Century

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Thank God, for every breath
for every strength
for every joy and sorrow
to walk, run and rest
in this long journey

Walking in steady pace
when life goes normal
Running in fast pace
when life goes challenging
Resting in slow pace
when life goes harder
not for stopping
but for rethinking and taking a deep breath

Quarter of century
walking in a flower road and dark tunnel alternately
climbing the mountain and enjoying the scenery at the same time
feelings that unable to be described
even in a poem I wrote
even in an upbeat song I often listen to
just one word I can say now, “thank you”

Yogyakarta, September 1st, 2019-05.52 a.m.

My Journey to 100 Posts

source : screenshoot from mobile phone

Reading and writing are like breath to me. I love reading and writing since I was in primary school. When I was in middle and high school, I joined journalistic club which suits my interests in writing. Even when I entered college, I still wrote for campus bulletin or magazine sometimes. But, I’ve never submitted or published my works in media that allows more people to read. The classic reason I often use : I’m shy and afraid. So, my writing is only known and read limitedly.

Then, because I was too focused on my study, I spent 3 years without writing at all. I came back again in the beginning of 2019 after experiencing internal battle with my inner self. But, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to start again after 3 years hiatus. I felt like my writing skill is gone.

In the middle of March 2019, I dared myself to start blogging on wordpress. It’s not easy for me to attract and gain the readers. But, it’s not the only difficulties I have to face. Lack of inspirations, writer’s block, inconsistency, laziness, procrastination, mood swings even fears are the things I have to fight and conquer.

Previously, I wrote my posts on this blog in my own language (Indonesian). One time, I tried to write in English then posted it here. I found out that I could gain more readers than before (mostly international readers). Then, I repeated it several times till someday I found that my posts got pretty positive responses from readers. That’s why, I always write my posts in English here.

source : screenshoot of my 100th post on wordpress

I also joined online community writing and writer’s forum in one of online media in my country to learn more from senior and professional writers there. Since then, I always learn to write in 2 languages at once : Indonesian (on community writing and writer’s forum) and English (on wordpress).

Whether it’s on community writing, writer’s forum or wordpress, all of them give me chance to connect with others from different background (on wordpress I could communicate with many international bloggers). All of bloggers I’ve ever interacted with, left different impressions on me. They have their own characteristics, styles and uniqueness in expressing their thoughts and emotions. Honestly, I got many inspirations from them (you guys are the best!!! ^-^).

Last but not least, I’d like to say “thank you” for your supports and appreciations to me. Without you, my site won’t go this far. I’m sorry if my writing still suck and bore you to the death. I know I’m not that good T_T. Well, I’ll end it with a poem. Here it is.


Full, crowded, noisy
Is my head going to explode?
Is my heart going to burnt?
Let them out of your head
Let them out of your heart
Let them stick on this blank page

I didn’t know what to do
till I found you
100 posts since March
100 posts with rise and fall
100 times fall but 1000 times rise

I have no words to left anymore
except “thank you” and “i love you”

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

*) Notes : If you have any critics/advices/opinions/anything about my writings, you can tell me on the comment section below.

[Poems]-I Started My Morning With A Poem

source : https://pixabay.com/id/photos/matahari-lanskap-alam-cahaya-hutan-4178175/

The sun has risen

Smile brightly at the earth

Smile at me

I closed my yesterday at night

Hopefully I can open my eyes tomorrow


I opened my day with new hope

I opened a new page and ready to write my stories

Whether it’s good or bad


I started my morning with a poem

Listened to the nature voices

Sniffed to the smell of my mother’s delicious cook

Catched every beauty that God has created

I prayed that the sky was still blue

And the sun still smiled at my country for a long time


I started my morning with a poem

But, I lost my words to express how thankful I’m

So, I just say to Him, “thanks for waking me up this morning

Yogyakarta, May 22nd, 2019-09.43 a.m.