3 Reasons Why I Love Writing A Poem

photo by Plush Design Studio on pexels.com

Basically, I divided my writings into 5 categories in this blog : articles, hobbies, opinions, poems and prose. But, most of my writings (at least above 50%) are categorized as poems. I really love writing. Although I love writing a poem a lot, sometimes I also write about some of serious things with deeper thought or analysis. Some people may have a tendency to like certain topics to write about, for example politics, religion, economics and business, finance, social and humanity issues, environment etc. Some people may prefer to write fiction, (such as poems, stories, prose, novel etc) than non-fiction. It can be based on preferences, tastes and specialities that each person has. Therefore, there’re many ways can be done to express your thoughts and feelings through writing. You can write an essays, paper, stories, poems and so on. Choose the one you master the most.

Actually, I have 3 reasons why I love writing a poem. So, let me explain here.

First, I can speak my mind about many things in a powerful yet smooth and beautiful way. Sometimes I write a poem based on my own experiences, such as moving on from broken heart (on poem “No Room For Heart Breaker Like You“), free myself from toxic people (on poem “I’ll End You With 7 Verses of Poem“), struggling to realize my dreams (on poem “Races“). Sometimes I write a poem based on social issues around us, such as body shamming and irrational beauty standard (on poem “Self Confidence“), spreading fake news and hate speech on virtual worlds (on poem “Where Are You Going To Return Your Words?“). Sometimes I write a poem based on my questions about life which is a bit of philosophical, such as my thoughts about time (on poem “If The Time Turns Into A Ghost, Where Are You Going To Hide?“), people’s perspective in judging a problem (on poem “Perspective“). All of my poems I mentioned above are in this blog.

Second, I can control my emotions better through writing a poem. If I’m angry, my anger won’t too explode, so I won’t hurt anyone or destroy something. If I’m happy, my happiness won’t neglect me from showing my gratefulness toward Him. If I’m sad, my sadness won’t make me down or depressed because there’s always a better gift which He has prepared for me in the future. Instead of releasing my emotions in a negative way, I’d better express it through writing, especially writing a poem.

Third, I can speak my mind louder without screaming, can cry without tears. Tbh, I’m not a good talker. I’m having trouble at expressing my feeling. So that’s why I prefer write a poem to tell my problems. Whether people will realize it or not, I always feel better after writing.

Is there anyone who loves to write a poem like me? Any reason why?