Poem | Take Care of My Mind

source by Jared Rice on unsplash.com

Why’d I put too much attention?
Beauty isn’t long lasting
Skin will be aging
Physical strength will be weaker

I can’t stop time
I can’t stop growing old
But, I refuse to be forgetful
My mind can’t stop thinking
Keep working

Memories of the old days
Memories of childhood
when we played together under the sun heat and rain
Memories of teenagers
when I was still naive in understanding what love is
Memories of early 20’s
when I felt that there’s big change in my life

My mind keeps it all
Before being wasted away by forgetting
Time helps to take care of those memories
Old songs and photographs can recall
While a poem helps to take care of my mind

Yogyakarta, September 24th, 2019-08.00 a.m.

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