Poem | Storyline of Crime Series

photo by Vijay Putra from pexels

She was sensing an infidelity
on a man who promised to make her the one and only
But, he lied

She smelled a betrayal
asking her man of what he hide
But, she found a denial

She was feeling a jealousy
after knowing that her man still kept his old lover in his mind
And they often meet behind

She shouted to him
What kind of disgrace is this?”
Then he blamed herself as a replied

She wrote a screenplay
with the perfect storyline of crime series
when a woman murdered a man for thousand times

But, he didn’t die
Cause she gave him more painful pain than the death itself

April 22nd, 2021

Poem | Stolen Dreams

photo by pixabay from pexels.com

Listen to what her tears say
A distress call
from afar
An anxiety rise
before the sun

Don’t you know,
that she’s frightened?
She won’t tell
Cause there’s nothing left
Just a blank space

Her eyes
are windows,
an entrance door
that help you
to discover
her wounds
from the past
to nowadays

Her eyes
are windows,
an entrance door
that help you
to understand
her stolen dreams
Cause you are

the reason
behind her fears

Mid April, 2021

Poem : Don’t Kiss Me With Your Lie

photo by Rodolfo Clix from pexels

You’ve told me
truth is the key
to unlock the mystery
to break the barrier
that prevents us to look up the reality

You’ve told me
to not sugarcoat the fact
do my words through an act
that’s how you reflect
of what you say alike

So, I’ll tell you here
to slap me with your honesty
this bitter-sweet must be served
no matter how sweet the poison is
don’t make me drink it
no matter how bitter the medicine is
don’t you dare to kiss me with your lie

April 13th, 2021

Poem : Don’t Remember Me

photo by Sourav Das from pexels

Someday, when I’m really gone,
You don’t need to remember my name, my face, a place where I came from
Just remember me as a grass under the shade of trees, as little as unnoticed, small pieces in density
Or like a wild flower in your garden : unplanted but bloomed
Don’t remember me like a daydream
Cause you’ll regret if it turns to nightmare that haunts you every single day

April 8th, 2021

Poem : A Testament

photo by Donatello Trisolino from pexels

If someday I meet my fate,
I hope my voice will be louder
Even my body is burried,
my soul would be everywhere :
in a place where you can find comfort,
in a home where it can be your shelter,
from a cruelty of the world
I will sublimate into the letters,
dissolved in sentences
that I write as a testament
before everything is too late to be regretted

April 4th, 2021

Poem : Something I Realized

private documentation

Since morning this small town has been wet
Seems like rain takes its chance
After hot and sunny days
Shedding the restrained tears after a while
Covering smile of cheerful sunrise
Like my old memories when I decided to leave
I was afraid that this curve would disappear from my lips
I was curious, “would you feel the same?”
But, today
Even the blue vibes surround
Even a melancholia come around
There’s something I realized that my feelings have changed at all

End of March, 2021

Poem : Ending My Worries

photo by Artem Beliaikin from pexels

The old days have done
Hate and love
Longing and revenge
I have written a word : end

The future has not come
A wishful thinking
Plans are in line
Waiting for a moment

Those are in front of my eyes
Those are near my grip
heart and mind, soul and body
Today will be a history

Fate and luck have written
From the ancients till newborn

Be calm, sunshine will come after rain. Light after dark”
No worries

March 21st, 2021

Poem : When You’re Not My Home Anymore

source : pixabay.com

I thought home is only a building
A place where we take shelter from heat and rain
A place where we come back after a long journey
A place where we grow and reap love and affection

They said the truth
Home isn’t only building or homeland
But also someone
Where your soul belongs

You know,
about where to start, depart and arrive
when you can call it home

You know,
about home that was left by its occupant
when living in it was like a curse

You know,
when you’re not my home anymore
what else should I defend?


Poem : Eulogy

from pixabay.com

For you,
who have gone
who said goodbye
picked up by fate

In your eyes,
an obvious death
In your ears,
the death bell rang

Your name,
is mentioned
in a nostalgia
and prayers

About laugh and tears
about love and pain
that you left
which I took as a lesson

To You,
everything will return
To you,
this poem I hand over to


*) eulogy (n) : a speech or piece of writing containing high praise of a person or thing

Poem | Direction to the Door

photo by Jatuphon Buraphon from pexels

Tell me where do you wanna go

Tell me your direction instead of making us lost in confussion

We’re in chaos

But, the nonsense talk still continue like on going episodes of TV drama

We don’t want to spread a panic to you all

Should we believe if the possibilities seem like shut their doors?

Yogyakarta, September 15th, 2020-11.03 a.m.