Poem | What’s Growing Up?

photo by Luca Baggio on unsplash

What’s growing up?
Elders told me to change
Told me that I should take care of myself
Arrange my mind
Repair my broken heart and soul

What’s growing up?
Motivator and self-development books told me to step out of the comfort zone
Should I swim across the ocean?
Should I jump from 160-floors building?
I don’t think I need to enter the dangerous zone
cause it already came on my way

What’s growing up?
If my age and mentality don’t match at all
I refuse to be called “little kid”, but my mentality says otherwise

How far the distance between my goals and the place I stand stiil?
My growth became the bridge that connects them
But, I can’t count how far I take a step
cause I don’t care about the distance
I’ll crawl, walk or run, whatever I want
No matter how far

Yogyakarta, December 24th, 2019-06.59 a.m.

Why Do Poets Love Silence?

source by Henryk Niestroj from pixabay.com

Writing is an activity that needs good concentration. That’s why writing often can’t be done when the surrounding is too noisy. Noises can disturb their focus. Usually, midnight or early morning are their productive and maybe favorite times because at that times, the atmosphere is still not too noisy and crowded. The surrounding hasn’t fully awaken yet.

I have my favorite times for writing. I usually do it in the early morning (around 04.00 a.m.-07.00 a.m.) before I go to work or in the evening (around 08.00 p.m.-midnight) before I sleep. I often find some writing ideas or isnpirations at that times, so I called it as “time for ideas explosion”.

I think silence is like a “bestfriend” for writers in general, and poets in particular. For me, I love silence because I can be more “powerful”, productive and creative, so I can do contemplation and catch some inspirations before I write it down. I also can catch the feels and vibes from silence, so it gives me “power” to write a poem.

Silence seems gives birth to many poems through the poets’ hands. If you realized, actually a lot of my poetry tells about silence, whether the poetry I’ve writte on WordPress or the other site. The same thing I found not only in my poetry but also in others’ poetry. For poets, silence is often treated like “human” who can do human’s activities and has feeling. Silence is often treated like a “bestfriend” who always accompany you in every happiness and sadness. Silence is often treated like a “lover” who you can cuddle with.

Silence is love. Silence is power. Silence is inspirations. Silence is bestfriend. Silence is lover. So, what do you think? Do you need silence to create your amazing artwork (especially writing)? Or you’re the typical person who can work well on every condition and atmosphere?

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Poem | A Poet Who Lost Her Pen

source by Christine Sponchia on pixabay.com

Blank page
Waiting for someone who’ll write it down
Blank page
Waiting for someone who’ll tell the stories

Widened its ears
to capture every word
to memorize every meaning
to give a comfort
Blank page
Waiting for someone who’ll take the heart out

just to show what’s hidden
and hidden what’s shown
behind the poetry
but, she couldn’t rhyme
the words stop breathing
cause she’a a poet who lost her pen

Yogyakarta, October 1st, 2019-04.58 a.m.

Poem | I’m A Poet and Lover At The Same Time

source : pexels.com

If the night gives birth to silence, then the silence will turn into a poem
A poem needs breath
Love is a poem’s breath
A poem needs pulse
Longing will keep the pulse ticking continuously
A poem needs life after death
A poet will revive it
Blowing the spirit of imagination in every word I write
Creating the title as its head
Verses as its body
Time and place as its legs

If a great poem was born from a broken heart, how many times do I have to be broken?
Whereas broken heart always occur after falling in love
Then, how do I manage it, if I’m a poet and lover at the same time?

Yogyakarta, September 14th, 2019-07.27 p.m.

Poem | Dark Poet

source : pixabay.com

Some of them cope out with their anxiety
Some of them try to escape from reality
Some of them learn more about honesty

In my poem, I appear in many forms
Sometimes, I become a lonely girl
Sometimes, I’m being powerful
Sometimes, I just act like a kindergarten student
Childish? Yes, I am!
What do you expect?

I’d like you to dive in my dark brown eyes
so, you’ll know what lonely looks like
I’d like you to trapped in my poem
so, you’ll know how the darkness works well on me
Pitiful? Yes, it is!

Then, how do you escape from this jail?

Yogyakarta, September 6th, 2019-11.24 a.m.