[Poems]-Death Of An Old Pain

source : pexels.com

Everybody has their own old pain

I’m not the exception

Your words ripped my heart

Till my wounds became wider,

didn’t care even though there’s still wet wounds on the other part

I lost to count how many wounds did you make before


People thought how could somebody survive with a broken half heart, while the other half was in agony

Hoping for the new one that can replace this broken part

But, how could it be?


I can’t take it anymore

It will be a battle between me and my old pain

Who will be killed first?


I don’t have much time

bury those memories;

kill these old pain;

replace my broken heart with the new one;

then, let me laugh over the death of an old pain

Yogyakarta, May 14th, 2019-05.26 p.m.