Poem | Reunite With The Eternity (An Ode to The Hero)

source by TPHeinz on pixabay.com

I wonder why the sad episodes of this land still continue day by day
Where’s my bright and cheerful September gone?
All I can see are dark days
full of tears and sorrow

The sun hide its smile
The wind whispered softly
to the leaves
to the mountains
to the oceans
to the sky

Then, the sky became gloomy all day long
His departure was mourned by children of the land
Our motherland lost her beloved son
I could see her tears streaming down the river

Yesterday, he said “good bye”
It was his last greeting
Izrail has picked him up
Separate him from mortality
Rang the death bell on top of his head
Sent his soul back to the eternal sleep
to meet his true love
to rest in peace beside Him
and reunite again with the eternity

Yogyakarta, September 12th, 2019-12.14 p.m.

*) Commemorating the passing of former 3rd President of Indonesia, BJ Habibie on September 11th, 2019. May Allah bless him and forgive all of his sins.