Poem | Music in the Middle of Silence

photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Silence wrapped the night
Sound of crickets played as the BGM
Universe played the elegies in maestoso
Before turn into moderato at the dawn; vivace when the sun rises and presto in the midday peak

People might be afraid of silence
Ironically, they come and go alone
I don’t know whether silence or noise you’d like to choose
Cause the noise often neglects you from remembering silence
That’s why you’re afraid

Actually, you don’t have to believe
those who scared you about silence
Cause you can hear everything
of vowels and consonants
in a perfect harmony and resonance

Yogyakarta, October 20th, 2019-05.53 a.m.

My Thoughts On Musical Taste

source : pexels.com

I won’t explain it in difficult way with certain analyzes like a great musician or professional. I just want to share my thoughts on musical taste in a simple yet understandable way. So, if you’re musician or music experts or someone who’s more talented in music than me, I hope you can understand what I’m talking about and I’m sorry if I made a lot of mistakes in my writing today.

I’ve often said in my post if someone’s taste and preference is different between one and another, including in music. It’s so subjective. We can’t force others to like something what I like and vice versa. There’s nothing wrong with personal taste and preference. I also don’t really know what affects someone’s musical taste. Is it because of culture or habit that grow up in a place where they live? I don’t know. For example, in my beloved country, Indonesia, there’s one of most popular music genre here called ‘dangdut‘. Almost in every event, whether it’s wedding party, folk art festival, political party campaigns even in public transportation (usually in a bus) and night club, there’s always dangdut. This genre has many fans from different age range, from younger people to old generations.

For some people, this genre is often associated with lower class society and people who like it are considered as people with ‘low taste‘ of music. But, I don’t agree with this opinion even though I’m not a big fan of dangdut. In my opinion, just because you like certain music genres, it doesn’t make you more superior or exclusive than anyone else even though you like non-mainstream music (it’s okay if you don’t agree). If you don’t like it, ignore. No need to blame on it. Music is universal language. No matter what your ethnicity/race/nationality/religion/sex/age, music always has its own fans. Whatever it is.

Musical taste can be affected by age and era. People around my parents age tend to prefer old music, e.g. 70-80’s music. Meanwhile people around my age or around my brother and sister’s age tend to prefer more trendy music , e.g. late 90’s music or 2000’s music. But, there’s an exception too in it. I have an acquaintance-one of my college senior, who’s several months older than me, loves 80’s music and some other old music. My friend’s mother, who’s at her 50 years, can enjoy 2000’s music. People with those musical tastes, sometimes make people around their age wonder, “why does he/she listen such a kind of music like that?”

Sometimes, someone’s musical taste is not easy to understand, especially a person who has unusual or non-mainstream musical taste. My father loves classical jazz and blues. He said that many of his friends often consider his musical taste is weird and unusual. But, for me, instead of weird and unusual, I could say that his musical taste is unique and cool (I said that not because he’s my father.But, I really respect and appreciate his thoughts of it, just like I respect and appreciate those who have the same thoughts as him.). The same thing applies to my senior too. Yeah, he’s unique and cool. (I’m even curious now, is there anyone of you can give me recommendations of nice old music? If yes, what is it? )

Tbh, I often feel confused when someone asks me what type of music I usually listen to. Sometimes, I love listening to certain music type based on my condition. In the morning, I prefer to play fun, happy, upbeat and energetic music (maybe kinda loud too) for setting up my good mood and rising up my spirit. In the night or when I need to cooling down, I prefer to play soothing, calm and relaxing music. Well, maybe many of you are doing the same thing.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy

Me, Music and Poem

source : shutterstock.com

Music can make our life more colorful. Music has become a part of my life since I was child. I love listening to music while humming or singing along to my favorite song or maybe just moving my upper body-following the beat and rhythm while sitting on a chair. I love listening nature sounds too, such as water splash, drizzle, waves, bird chirping (Imagine, walking alone in nature and surrounded by beautiful scenery, sunrise, fresh air, bird chirping without noisy sounds. I’d really love it to the death.). Natures sounds are as beautiful as the sound of music that I usually hear from music player.

Everyone has their own music tastes and preferences. There’re people who love pop music, jazz, rock, R&B, hip-hop/rap, EDM, etc. Personally, I’m not a person who’s fanatic and very strict to certain music genre, so I’m more open to any kind of genres as long as I love to hear it.

Music can be someone’s life anthem too. Everyone must have some songs that are related to their own life experiences. For me, music can be one of my inspiration when it comes to a poem, especially those are related to my life or feelings. So,this is how I write a poem which is inspired by music (songs).

  1. Listen to the music Of course, it’s the first step I have to do. How can I get an inspiration if I never hear it?
  2. If the songs by foreign artists, I have to read the lyrics (or translation) too, then write down some of favorite lines of the lyrics If the songs by Indonesian artists, it’s easier for me to understand the feels,vibes and meaning just by hearing it (without read the lyrics) because it’s sung in my language. But, since I hear many songs by foreign artists too, sometimes I missed some words or phrases when I heard it, so I didn’t catch the meaning fully even though I could get the feels and vibes. Maybe I can understand if the song has fun and energetic vibes or calm and relaxing etc, but since it’s not in my own language, I might didn’t catch some words or phrases well. That’s why I need to read the lyrics (or English translation if it’s Korean or Japanese song) to understand it better. (I don’t know how to explain it to you. But, I hope you understand what I mean ^-^). If I find some favorite lines of the lyrics, I write it on my notes so I won’t forget it. I can open it later when I need it.
  3. Interpret the meaning of the song from my own perspective then write it in the form of a poem I usually interpret the meaning of the song by looking for its relevance to my personal experience or some social issues around us. That’s why I prefer the singer who also writes her/his own songs because I can figure out what’s on her/his mind and heart. I love the songs that are universal and can be related to many people’s life. I love the songs that are not only ear blessing but also heart touching. I love the songs that are not only entertaining but also inspiring. For this last step, I need to take some times to think it from different perspective so I can write it in ‘my own words’.

Are there any certain songs that become your life anthem? Are there any certain songs that become your inspiration in writing (maybe not only poem but also another type of writing) ?

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy