[Poems]-I Started My Morning With A Poem

source : https://pixabay.com/id/photos/matahari-lanskap-alam-cahaya-hutan-4178175/

The sun has risen

Smile brightly at the earth

Smile at me

I closed my yesterday at night

Hopefully I can open my eyes tomorrow


I opened my day with new hope

I opened a new page and ready to write my stories

Whether it’s good or bad


I started my morning with a poem

Listened to the nature voices

Sniffed to the smell of my mother’s delicious cook

Catched every beauty that God has created

I prayed that the sky was still blue

And the sun still smiled at my country for a long time


I started my morning with a poem

But, I lost my words to express how thankful I’m

So, I just say to Him, “thanks for waking me up this morning

Yogyakarta, May 22nd, 2019-09.43 a.m.