I Still Write A Poem About You

photo by sheep on pexels.com

Do you remember when we chased each other in the rain to come first at the bus stop? You overtook me at the junction while mocked at me. I got sulky and hit you playfully when I came behind you. Then we laughed together. We were still 15 years old back then. And we’re proud of doing this sillyness.

Do you remember when we sent warm greetings towards each other on the radio every night? You and I were radio listeners, radio lovers. Maybe the current generation never know how it feels about send greetings or just request a song for your friends, crush, boyfriend/girlfriend or ex through the radio anymore. Like we did when we were still teenagers.

Do you remember when we met an annoying old man who made a fuss on the bus? All of passengers were quiet. Paying attention of what’s happening. We stared each other while hold our grudges. When we getting off of the bus, we released our nags. We cursed him a lot.

I still write a poem about you not because I’m sad we can’t be together anymore. I just want to thanked you for making a great memory with me.

I still write a poem about you not because I’m still love you even though I’ve ever had a crush on you when I was in middle school. I just want to keep our secrets and stories in my journal, so I can open it again when I feel like giving up about my life and dreams.

Yogyakarta, June 18th, 2019-11.53 a.m.