Poem | Birth

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Birth is the beginning
A sign to start our journey
Move to the same destination
Walking, running or even crawling
Choose your way to reach the finish line

Birth is a freedom
A sign to make a decision
Creating the path to take a step
Building the new door
If the others are closed
You’ll find many questions
You have to choose
Finding the answers or leaving yourself in confussion?

*) P.S. : I’m back again with poem after a week I didn’t write any poem here. Hope you can get at least “small lesson” from this poem.

Poem | Life Lessons

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From their accusations

I learned patience

From their disrespects

I learned respect

From their rejections

I learned acceptance


Life gives me lessons

through the pain, through the tears, through laughing

Time doesn’t change me

So, I need to make a change or the time will kill me

and the past will laugh over my silliness

Yogyakarta, August 13th, 2019-06.46 p.m.

Encounter and Farewell

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Every encounter will meet farewell
Every “hello” will meet “good bye”

God brings us together with many people
at the school, at work, at the bus, at the public places
even passing each other on the sidewalk

there’re encounter, introductions and conversations
that only happen once
there’re encounter, introductions and conversations
that occur 2-3 times
and there’re also encounter, introductions and conversations
that turn into a friendship

people come, people go
people say “hello”, people say “good bye”
people stay, people leave
but, only those who are destined by God
will stay and become one of the characters in our life stories

Yogyakarta, August 2nd, 2019-07.44 p.m.

[Self-Reflection] How Helpful Am I To Others?

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[And said] “If you do good, you do good for youselves; if you do evil (you do it) to yourselves.” Then when the final promise came. [We sent your enemies] to sadden your faces and to enter the temple in Jerussalem, as they entered it the first time, and to destroy what they had taken over with [total] destruction.

(Surah Al-Isra : 7-Noble Qur’an with English Translation)

If you are asked, what’s your life purpose? How do you answer it? The answers might be different from one to another, based on how you see this life from your own perspectives. But, most of them want to be helpful person to others. We want to be someone who can share kindness and love toward others, especially people whom we loved.

Benefit is the result from what we have done. For example, you have good habit and lifestyle, like eat healthy food, doing exercise, enough sleeping, good at handling stress etc., so you can be healthy, both physically and mentally. Having healthy body and mind is the benefit of implementing good habit and lifestyle.

Another example, you like reading in your spare time. You like reading everything. Book, newspaper, magazines, online articles etc. You like to read various topics. Politic, law, economic and business, humanities, technology, health, literature even entertainment etc. Because of this habit, you have broad knowledges so you can get many ideas and inspirations to write something. Having broad knowledges and many ideas to write are the benefit you can get from reading.

Meanwhile, the purpose or goals is something we would like to achieve in the future. Everyone wants to reach the success in their life. Whether it’s about academic, career, friendship, love etc. Success can be achieved with effort and prayer. Or with some bad acts, like bring others down. But, I won’t talk about the second thing.

In this case, reaching a success is the goals, meanwhile effort and prayer are the way you choose to reach the goals. If the success make us being a person who loves to share and inspiring others, means our success have already given benefit for ourselves and others.

The next question is, has your success (including mine) been able to benefit for others, at least for the people who’s closest to you (read : family and friends)? The answer is only known by you and God. But, I’ll give you some questions more which can help you to answer it (I hope it’ll help you).

Does the success keep you humble or arrogant? Does the success make you love and respect people around you more (esp. family and friends) or make you more ignorant to them? Does the success make you more grateful to God or make you more forgetful to thank Him (If you have beliefs that God is exists, you may answer it. But, if don’t, I won’t force you to answer)? And the last, does your success make you more mature and wise in seeing your life or make you become narrow-minded and heartless?

These questions aren’t only for you, but for me too. I’m sorry I give you too much questions in my writing today.

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

If The Time Turns Into A Ghost, Where Are You Going To Hide?

source : pixabay.com

In this life, we always race against the time. The time slowly erases our age number till its end. If it comes to us, we’ll only be people who carry out our stories.

We’re the true explorer who wander to taste bitter-sweetness of life, find wisdom and sometimes immerse ourselves into contemplation. The time shows us some unexpected places, brings us together with another names and creates a beautiful memories on our minds. But, the time slowly cut out of the distance between life and death without us knowing it.

The time is like a mystery. It can make us find the answers of questions then mislead us to another questions.

We are all walk in the time tunnel. Sometimes, we have to grope the walls in the dark to keep ourselves going and not falling. Sometimes, we have to leave memories trace on every path we have passed. Sometimes, we have to quit on the crossroad to think again which way should we choose for the next journey.

In this journey, there’re always people who are ready and not ready. The time doesn’t know the word ‘wait‘. If you’re not ready, it can be a ghost who will chase and stab you. And if the time turns into a ghost, where are you going to hide?

Yogyakarta, May 23rd, 2019-08.34 a.m.

*) P.S. : I don’t know whether I use the proper grammar or not


source : pexels.com

What are you looking for in your life?

Seems like everything isn’t enough for you

Dying of jealousy

Craving for having what the others have

Without realized that they got it with blood, sweat and tears


Sometimes, you’ll find the obstacles

Sometimes, you’ll find people that bring you down

The dreams you are fighting for seem impossible

All of the efforts that you do seem don’t work

Crying without tears

Screaming without voice

The emotions are drained


Life is only about our turn, like a death

If they have been achieving something, while you haven’t, it’s okay

You’re not alone

Keep going on the right track

Keep your dreams alive

Keep praying

Life isn’t a races

Someday, you’ll reach the finish line

Yogyakarta, May 13th, 2019-12.33 a.m.