Humans Are The Most Complex Creature : A Thought and Criticism

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This article was inspired by a comment from a netizen in one of the discussion forums on social media who easily judged others simply because of too much hatred on his/her heart, not for make sense reasons. That netizen was involved into a heated argument with other netizens. I write this article because I feel concerned why there are still many narrow-minded people who easily judge others by ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ only.

When I decided to write this article, believe it or not, I need to calm myself down first. Tbh, dealing with this kind of people can drive me crazy.

The thing that pissed me (and the others) off cause of that netizen is he/she judged someone in the forum who often hides his true feelings as a hypocrite,fake and yes-man person. Smile on the outside but cry and hurt on the inside. He/she said that someone who acts like that has no character at all, 0 (zero) attitude. He/she jumped on a conclusion too quickly without knowing the life background of the person he/she judged. I’ll just tell you the summary here.

Actually, the person he/she judged, has dark and painful past. Yes, the person he/she judged, was a victim of violence in his past. His existence is always wasted even by his family. Till finally he met a good person who trusted him a lot and then become his boss and give him a work. Since then he became a very loyal and responsible person, especially to his boss, but always hiding his emotions from others.

One day, he was entrusted by his boss to keep “a big secret”. The secret may not even be known by the boss’ family. The boss himself will explain it to his family someday when the moment is right. Apparently, without realizing it, his boss’ sister began to become suspicious and forced him to tell the truth. But, he kept avoiding and clinging onto his promise not to tell the secret to anyone. He felt that it’s not his right to tell the truth to his boss’ sister. That’s why that netizen labeled him as a hypocrite, fake and yes-man person.

We can’t just blame on someone even though what he/she does seems “annoying” for us. We can’t just blame on someone even though what he/she does seems “wrong and bad”. We have to understand what’s the reason he/she act or behave like that. In what condition, those action or behaviour can be considered as “right” or “wrong”? I believe there’s always a motive behind human’s action or behaviour even though we never really understood. I also believe that people who committed in crime, have become a victims of crime in their past, not just because they have a tendency to be a criminals. For example, a pedophile, usually ever become a victim of sexual abuse in his/her childhood. A cold-blooded killer might be a person who often got violence from people around him/her since he/she was child. And many other examples.

You know, people’s character are varies. There’re quiet, introvert, shy, calm and soft-spoken people meanwhile there’re people who’re cheerful, bubbly, energetic, extrovert, hyper and life of the party. There’re people who’re straight-forward so they can speak up their minds easily and directly. But, there’re also people who’re more secretive so they often find difficulties in explaining what they want/don’t to others. Then, which one is worse? Which one is better?

In my opinion, there’s nothing better or worse. Nothing is more superior than others. All of them are unique. All of them are complemented toward each other. Each of these characters can be a weakness or an advantage for someone. depending on its situation and condition. Depending on how he/she handles and deals with it.

Everyone has their own negative and positive sides. Everyone can do the right things but sometimes can be slipped too by some mistakes. Be wise in judging someone/something. Try to see it from different perspective. So, instead of blaming on others, why don’t you introspect yourself?

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy