A Woman Who Keeps Fire In Her Heart

source : https://www.pexels.com/photo/burning-book-page-1474928/

I lost to count how many days since the rain continued to flush this city. Leaves, lands, roofs, roads were wet. Left any puddles everywhere. Falling and melting in the rivers, lakes and ocean. Till it left coldness that gripped my bones and joints tightly.

It’s the best time for people to take shelter under the roofs and curled up under the blanket. They’re in a hurry to close their eyes faster. Resting all of tired senses, mind and heart after being forged by the sun’s heat, trapped in the traffic jams and chased by the deadline. But, there’s a woman who sat in her corner’s room. Holding a pen, scratching something I didn’t know. I could see her death stare. Her facial expressions implied something I didn’t understand the meaning behind. Because it’s like fusion between disappointment, anger, despair and weakness. Maybe fate has betrayed her.

The air was so cold outside. But, not with her heart that kept the fire. The fire is getting bigger. If she could take it out, maybe the whole city would be burnt. I thought there’s someone or something that switched it on. Whether it caused by consciousness or not.

Maybe you’ll ask how to extinguish the fire.

“No, dear! You can’t!”

“The fire will never be extinguished.”

It’s not really disappear from her heart. It’s just getting smaller. Someday, the fire can flare up to burn everyone and everything in the right moment.

Yogyakarta, May 24th, 2019-10.59 a.m.