Poem : A Testament

photo by Donatello Trisolino from pexels

If someday I meet my fate,
I hope my voice will be louder
Even my body is burried,
my soul would be everywhere :
in a place where you can find comfort,
in a home where it can be your shelter,
from a cruelty of the world
I will sublimate into the letters,
dissolved in sentences
that I write as a testament
before everything is too late to be regretted

April 4th, 2021

Poem : Eulogy

from pixabay.com

For you,
who have gone
who said goodbye
picked up by fate

In your eyes,
an obvious death
In your ears,
the death bell rang

Your name,
is mentioned
in a nostalgia
and prayers

About laugh and tears
about love and pain
that you left
which I took as a lesson

To You,
everything will return
To you,
this poem I hand over to


*) eulogy (n) : a speech or piece of writing containing high praise of a person or thing

Poem | Lucid


In her head, movie-liked scenes were played with a speed that made her out of breath.
Then, a background turned into an unknown place and I found a girl chased something like her own shadow.
But, the shadow ran too fast till a girl fall and screamed with the lowest voice I’ve ever heard

Kid, what time is it now?”

*) Lucid (adj.) :1. clearly expressed; easy to understand 2. clear in one’s mind; in control of one’s thoughts

Yogyakarta, September 7th, 2020-05.20 a.m.

Poem | Amortentia

picture by artstation.com

Amortentia (1)

Smell of love
Flowing through our gaze
Captured by heart
Turns into a feel
That only us can understand

Amortentia (2)

Oh dear, how to extinguish a fire before I’m in flames?
If I had to burn, would you like to give me splash of water?

Amortentia (3)

How do you put logic over emotion, to distinguish between love and obsession?
Those pretty girls aren’t for collection
unless you’re too easy to fall in love
If it’s just an infatuation, how can you hold it back?

Yogyakarta, August 31st, 2020-05.40 a.m.

Poem | White Flag

picture from consciousbridge.com

Why do I have to put a smile,if all I want is crying?
I won’t run out of tears
cause I keep it for a reason
that you might know or not
except I sell it
for the sake of attention

I regret and thankful of what you’ve created
I hate and love every footstep you’ve left
Never disappeared even though dry and wet months always change
Is forgetting really necessary?

My memory isn’t good enough
to memorize every single A to Z
But, you could force me to remember those pains
with every detail and piece of your act
You taught me to forgive
to make a peace and accept the fact that I should raise the white flag
so you could attack
But, I won’t
For sure

Yogyakarta, August 25th, 2020-03.15 p.m.

*) Note : a white flag is internationally used as a symbol of surrender, truce or request of negotiation.

Poem | What If

photo by Kristin Vogt from pexels

What’s fairytale?
What’s romance?
I’m in love
and hate to admit
that it might kill me

I fall to stand up
even I try to find a reason to give up
almost make an excuse to suicide

I sleep to wake up
erasing my burden
and escaping from pain

But, this pain doesn’t allow me to sleep
So, I take a pen, think and write,
What if I never wake up from my bed?”

Yogyakarta, August 16th, 2020-during a heavy rain

Poem | Remote Control

photo by Steve Johnson from pexels

Should I start my morning with a cup of black coffee that lost its smell, before I set a fire to burn the fog blanket, that wrap my body with coldness?


Sleeping pills can’t beat me
no matter how much I can take everyday
a nightmare becomes too real
like I watch it on TV
I try to press pause, skip or stop button
on a remote control
that I hold now
in my hand

But, I’m trembling
A remote control is slipped of my grip
Take it!
Before a monster steal it
and control my steps
to the edge of the hell

Yogyakarta, July 27th, 2020-12.26 p.m.

Poem | Chronos (1)

photo by Moritz320 from pixabay

The numbers surround
a pair of needle
that always left marks
on every second

it goes by

at 00.00
and never spit it out
digesting in never ending cycle
to be transformed into ‘tomorrow’
who wears ‘morning’ clothes
and rip off its ‘night’ cloak

Yogyakarta, July 10th, 2020-05.11 p.m.