Mother : “A Poem That Will Never End”

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I could make thousand poems
about love
about longing
about losing
But, I couldn’t make even one word
to describe your existence
your sacrifice
your affection
in my entire life

I could draw a beautiful picture
of my dreams
of my goals
of my future
But, I couldn’t draw a beautiful picture
of your love
of your tears
of your untold stories
behind your smile

I could call thousand poets
just to make a poem
about love
about longing
about losing
But, thousand poets couldn’t make a poem
about you
because you’re a poem that will never end

Yogyakarta, August 1st, 2019-10.21 a.m.

*) this poem is dedicated to my mother as her “late birhtday present” (I’m sorry mom T_T)

P.S. : I also want to thank you all for reaching 50+ followers. Thanks for your attentions, supports and appreciations on my posts. I hope I can develop my writing skill to be more inspiring and motivating toward you. Let’s grow up together! Cheers!

An Artist : Existence, Popularity and Negative Stigma

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Working on entertainment industry is not easy. As an artist or the person who works in art/entertainment field (whether they’re a musician, singer, actor/actress, dancer, comedian etc), they are required to have “something” unique that distinguishes them from others. They are required to be creative so the people will not bore.

An artist who works in entertainment industry is required to have fit, healthy body and good stamina in every condition. They are required to always look perfect from head to toe. Always smiling in front of camera and media. They aren’t allowed to show that they’re tired or sad in front of their fans. In fact, they’re just human, like us, who have feeling and emotions. They can feel happy, joy, sad, angry, tired, bore, stress etc. But, they have no freedom to show it to others because of their job (and responsibility) or they will be labeled as unprofessional.

Media also has a role in creating an image of the artist in public’s eyes. Tbh, entertainment industry prone to “racism” and “discrimination“. Media helped to form a single standard of beauty and brainwashed others to believe in it.

In Indonesia, entertainment industry is dominated by the mixed-blooded artists who have “western look” (white skin, tall, slim, pointed nose etc) meanwhile the “brown people” artists (Indonesian people are classified as Malay race which has brown or tan skin color as their characteristics. So, I used the term “brown people” to describe it.) are fewer in number. That’s why I have a thought, “are we brown people not more beautiful/handsome than those who are white people?”

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Many people are finally attracted to this profession with assumption that they can get everything they wants. Popularity, fans, attention, money, big house, luxurious car and boys/girls are standing in a row hoping to be theirs. Having all of them can make your social status go higher in the society.

The Price An Artist Must Pay To Maintain Its Existence And Popularity

But, there’s no free things in this world. There’s any price you have to pay for that luxury. You have no privacy anymore because people always want to know everything you do. The media will inevitably hunt down the latest and hottest news or gossips about you to satisfy public’s curiousity.

You can’t enjoy the freedom anymore like an ordinary people because there’re always paparazzi who follow you quietly wherever you go. You make a little mistake and it’s captured by the camera, people all over the world will know what you’ve done. Blasphemy, insults and judgments will be addressed to you.

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The demands to always be perfect, no matter the age is no longer young, then many newcomers who’re younger, prettier/handsome and talented, make them have to struggle to maintain their existence and popularuty in entertainment industry. “I can’t lose my fans”, maybe this thought is on their minds. This is what ultimately make them stress and depressed. Finally, drugs become their escape. Or even worse is suicidal.

Drugs and Creativity

There’re 3 types of drugs that usually used by an artist : dumolid, shabu and marijuana. All three are used to strenghten the stamina of the artists who have tight and busy schedules. They live under pressure with limited privacy, looking for tranquility through drugs consumed.

Many people and famous artists claimed that using psychoactive substances can increase creativity. The use of alcohol and marijuana can encourage them to enter the “trance” (half conscious condition in a creative process).

A Dutch study of 60 people showed that using low-dose marijuana had no effect on increasing someone’s creativity. While the use of high-dose marijuana significantly decrease creativity. Zsolt Demetrovics, a researcher from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary, said that assumption of correlation between creativity and use of drugs was not clear, whether there was scientific support or not.

The Reasons Why Many Parents Forbid Their Children to be An Artist

Therefore, many parents don’t agree or forbid their children to pursue their career as an artist. They consider that an artist is a person who has no bright future. They consider artists are morally damaged, disorganize and disobey the rules because of their principle of “free life”. Alcoholic, drugs user, marry and divorce too many times are negative stigma that often addressed to an artist. This is why, many parents want their children to choose “safe jobs” with fixed salary so they can guarantee their lives when they’re getting older.

This negative stigma doesn’t occur without reason. Because they saw those bad acts done by the artists and media exposed them too much.

Art is a beauty. Art is beautiful and delicate. The quality of artwork depends on the extent to which its ability in describing the reality and touch human feelings.

Art isn’t only about aesthetics but also ethics. Using drugs to increase creativity should not be used as an excuses because it actually shows that you have no ethics as an artist.

Happy Sunday Morning. Have a great day. Don’t forget to be happy.

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3 Reasons Why I Love Writing A Poem

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Basically, I divided my writings into 5 categories in this blog : articles, hobbies, opinions, poems and prose. But, most of my writings (at least above 50%) are categorized as poems. I really love writing. Although I love writing a poem a lot, sometimes I also write about some of serious things with deeper thought or analysis. Some people may have a tendency to like certain topics to write about, for example politics, religion, economics and business, finance, social and humanity issues, environment etc. Some people may prefer to write fiction, (such as poems, stories, prose, novel etc) than non-fiction. It can be based on preferences, tastes and specialities that each person has. Therefore, there’re many ways can be done to express your thoughts and feelings through writing. You can write an essays, paper, stories, poems and so on. Choose the one you master the most.

Actually, I have 3 reasons why I love writing a poem. So, let me explain here.

First, I can speak my mind about many things in a powerful yet smooth and beautiful way. Sometimes I write a poem based on my own experiences, such as moving on from broken heart (on poem “No Room For Heart Breaker Like You“), free myself from toxic people (on poem “I’ll End You With 7 Verses of Poem“), struggling to realize my dreams (on poem “Races“). Sometimes I write a poem based on social issues around us, such as body shamming and irrational beauty standard (on poem “Self Confidence“), spreading fake news and hate speech on virtual worlds (on poem “Where Are You Going To Return Your Words?“). Sometimes I write a poem based on my questions about life which is a bit of philosophical, such as my thoughts about time (on poem “If The Time Turns Into A Ghost, Where Are You Going To Hide?“), people’s perspective in judging a problem (on poem “Perspective“). All of my poems I mentioned above are in this blog.

Second, I can control my emotions better through writing a poem. If I’m angry, my anger won’t too explode, so I won’t hurt anyone or destroy something. If I’m happy, my happiness won’t neglect me from showing my gratefulness toward Him. If I’m sad, my sadness won’t make me down or depressed because there’s always a better gift which He has prepared for me in the future. Instead of releasing my emotions in a negative way, I’d better express it through writing, especially writing a poem.

Third, I can speak my mind louder without screaming, can cry without tears. Tbh, I’m not a good talker. I’m having trouble at expressing my feeling. So that’s why I prefer write a poem to tell my problems. Whether people will realize it or not, I always feel better after writing.

Is there anyone who loves to write a poem like me? Any reason why?