I’ll Be Alright

source : wallpaperswide.com

You always ask me how I feel

Repeating again from time to time

Till I lost to count how many times I hear it from you

Do you really care about me?

Or just want to mess up with my feeling?

My answer is still the same

Showing off my huge smile

Laughing out as if I’m the happiest person in the world


I don’t need your encouraging words

Keep it to yourself

All you wanna do is judge me

Torturing me with your death glare and sweet smile

My sadness didn’t mean anything to you

I don’t need your love

Everything you show me is fake

Our relationship is just like a game to you

I don’t want to waste my time

I’ll let you go, so you can be with someone who’s better than me


You don’t have to worry about me

Even though you’re not here anymore, I’ll be alright

You don’t have to be sorry

Even though my life is getting harder, I’ll be alright

Yogyakarta, February 25th,2019-10.12 a.m.