Poem | A June Rain (Memoir of A Poet)

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I thought a June rain was only written in a poetry
But, I see it cover up my town almost everyday
Making the sky mourn and people lose their intentions to run the jobs

I thought a June rain was only a piece of poetic phrase
But, it’s too nostalgic to be missed or ignore
even by a passerby or a girl who curled up under the blanket

I thought a June rain was just a myth
But, it’s an anomaly that caused by human greed
so, our mother earth is angry and let go of her wrath to everybody

June 23rd, 2021

*) This poem was inspired by Sapardi Djoko Damono’s most well-known works, Hujan Bulan Juni, with one of the most iconic line that frequently quoted is “Tiada yang lebih tabah dari hujan di bulan Juni…