Short Poem | Escape

photo by Andrew Neel from pexels

I don’t know what you put in your coffee while waiting for me to write you a poetry
I want to make sure that you won’t smell my anxiety or taste my break up tears

Drink your coffee till I’m done with my last verse
I want to know the limit of your patience
In your waiting, can you find a way to escape from me?

August 8th, 2021

Poem | He-Who-Teaches-Me-How-to-Laugh

photo by Julia Avamotive from pexels

Tell me,
that you don’t come
to give me hope
or offer a new romance
Cause I won’t be trapped in the same mistake

What do you want,
by this kind of wish?
I can’t tell,
is it a joke?
Cause you’re such a flirt

From you,
I learn how to laugh :
how life is so ridiculous
how you playfully said
that I’m your dopamine resource

Once again, you make me laugh
Keeping me in our conversations
Should it be longer,
till we finish our cups of coffee?

Let it flow or go
without pressure or compulsion
We’re just actors
that follow God’s scenario

Saturday night, end of July

Poem | A Piece of Me

photo by Julia Volk from pexels

When the world is too noisy
All I can hear are just noise
So, where’s the forgotten voice?
Is it hidden somewhere or blend in with the society?

When I’m surrounded by these nonsenses
It’s harder for me to stay sane
But, as long as my steps are on the lane
I’ll keep walking and pretend to not hear

When the noise makes me lose myself
Let this poem be a piece of me
Let it tells you of my other side
and be a reflection when I make mistakes

July 25th, 2021

Poem | Footsteps to Haste

photo by Akshaya Premjith from pexels

On your footsteps to haste
On a regret that comes after
Me, my footsteps and those destination
is the same narration with yours

I knew the emptiness in you
There’s a long waiting and an old pain
You’re waiting for helping hands
or a drop of serenity that you feel difficult to find

Everyone will wake up from their long sleeps
In my awareness, I learn about what I have to finish
before giving you an answer
or else I’ll end up swallow my bitter pills

July 19th, 2021 – during the sunset

Poem | Too Much Tears to Drink

photo by Kat Jayne from pexels

Welcome to the last supper!
when we have an ignorance as our appetizer,
sadness is a main dish,
and anxiety is a dessert
that served at our table

They continue to feed us a denial
Until truth and lie are interchangeable
Intelligence and stupidity are just on a thin line
We don’t know what and where’s the limit

You think that there’s nothing more resilient than a June rain
But, we’re more than tough to drink too much tears
When one by one soul has left its body
Reaching an eternal peace in a better place

Give me a sign
even though I’m too blind to notice
Give me alerts
even though I’m too stupid to know
Give me greeting and farewell
even you have to say,

“I’m standing at your door. I’ll come in when your time is over”

July 12th, 2021 during the second wave of pandemic

Poem | A June Rain (Memoir of A Poet)

private document

I thought a June rain was only written in a poetry
But, I see it cover up my town almost everyday
Making the sky mourn and people lose their intentions to run the jobs

I thought a June rain was only a piece of poetic phrase
But, it’s too nostalgic to be missed or ignore
even by a passerby or a girl who curled up under the blanket

I thought a June rain was just a myth
But, it’s an anomaly that caused by human greed
so, our mother earth is angry and let go of her wrath to everybody

June 23rd, 2021

*) This poem was inspired by Sapardi Djoko Damono’s most well-known works, Hujan Bulan Juni, with one of the most iconic line that frequently quoted is “Tiada yang lebih tabah dari hujan di bulan Juni…

Poem | Tone and Words

photo by pixabay from pexels

It doesn’t need words to make you stunned
Cause it’s created to please your ears
Once in a while it will drive you in a dance
On another day your feeling will be messed

But, the words are here to talk
to those who are breathe
to those who are burried
Unite with the tone to complete the puzzle piece of stories
And blow a spirit to the dying imagination
so that it will be alive once again

June 17th, 2021

Poem | In This Jungle

photo by Francesco Ungaro from pexels

In this jungle, we’re eyewitnesses of the cruelty and injustice
Everysecond is like cards that we bet on gambling table
This is our battlefield of goals and ambitions,
because homeland can’t grow hopes anymore
Some of them will stand with their heads up,
the others have to go home with their heads down.
In this jungle, darkness turns into an uncertainty and ignorance
Misleading us, away from the destination,
and we’ll get lost more if we can’t find any right direction

rain in the middle of June, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Read Historical Fiction

private document

For some students, history might be a boring subject. It might be a teacher who doesn’t know how to attract students’ interest in history or the students don’t like to memorize years and figures in every historical events.

I’ve heard one of my friend said, “It’s just past events. Why should we care about something that left behind?” Do you think the same?

I won’t write about the importance of studying or learning history here. But, I want to talk a little bit about historical fiction.

Some of you might love fiction. No matter what the genres are. It can be romance, action, thriller, drama, horror, fantasy, science fiction (sci-fi) etc. But, how about historical fiction?

If you think that historical fiction is the same as your history text book, I can tell you that’s not true. As its name, it’s written based on historical event. So, writing a historical fiction means timeline, places, nuances, situations and the event itself must be suitable with the historical facts.

Then, where’s the fiction touch in it? The fiction touch can be found in the characters of the stories.

Lately, I’ve been trying to read historical fiction. My father have many books of this genre. So, I’ll read some pages during my leisure and I try to finish them.

Well, let me tell you some reasons why you should read a historical fiction (from my perspective).

  1. Reading a historical fiction is one of the best yet fun way to study or learn history. You don’t need to memorize years, places, figures event agreement’s content like when you read your history text book. Just enjoy the story and you still get knowledge or information about what happened in that eras. I think it will make you understand the history better.
  2. It gives you some life lessons that would be relevant to nowadays and the future. Beside having a better understanding of the history itself, you can get life lessons or moral values of the stories. So, the answer of my friend’s question above is learning history (even though through historical fiction) can be a good reminder for everyone to not falling into the same mistakes in the future.
  3. You can enjoy the storyline, characters, relationship between the characters, character development, dialogues, actions, even the beauty of the words without losing a focus on historical values
  4. You can find humanist sides from the characters of the story. Although a character is described as a brave hero or idealist activist who’s struggling for freedom and justice, he/she is just a human with strength and weakness. He/she could have fragile and emotional side. And you might not find this kind of little piece in your text book.

Do you like to read historical fiction? What historical fiction is your favorite and why? Let’s share.