4 Reasons Why You Should Read Historical Fiction

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For some students, history might be a boring subject. It might be a teacher who doesn’t know how to attract students’ interest in history or the students don’t like to memorize years and figures in every historical events.

I’ve heard one of my friend said, “It’s just past events. Why should we care about something that left behind?” Do you think the same?

I won’t write about the importance of studying or learning history here. But, I want to talk a little bit about historical fiction.

Some of you might love fiction. No matter what the genres are. It can be romance, action, thriller, drama, horror, fantasy, science fiction (sci-fi) etc. But, how about historical fiction?

If you think that historical fiction is the same as your history text book, I can tell you that’s not true. As its name, it’s written based on historical event. So, writing a historical fiction means timeline, places, nuances, situations and the event itself must be suitable with the historical facts.

Then, where’s the fiction touch in it? The fiction touch can be found in the characters of the stories.

Lately, I’ve been trying to read historical fiction. My father have many books of this genre. So, I’ll read some pages during my leisure and I try to finish them.

Well, let me tell you some reasons why you should read a historical fiction (from my perspective).

  1. Reading a historical fiction is one of the best yet fun way to study or learn history. You don’t need to memorize years, places, figures event agreement’s content like when you read your history text book. Just enjoy the story and you still get knowledge or information about what happened in that eras. I think it will make you understand the history better.
  2. It gives you some life lessons that would be relevant to nowadays and the future. Beside having a better understanding of the history itself, you can get life lessons or moral values of the stories. So, the answer of my friend’s question above is learning history (even though through historical fiction) can be a good reminder for everyone to not falling into the same mistakes in the future.
  3. You can enjoy the storyline, characters, relationship between the characters, character development, dialogues, actions, even the beauty of the words without losing a focus on historical values
  4. You can find humanist sides from the characters of the story. Although a character is described as a brave hero or idealist activist who’s struggling for freedom and justice, he/she is just a human with strength and weakness. He/she could have fragile and emotional side. And you might not find this kind of little piece in your text book.

Do you like to read historical fiction? What historical fiction is your favorite and why? Let’s share.


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