Poem | Remote Control

photo by Steve Johnson from pexels

Should I start my morning with a cup of black coffee that lost its smell, before I set a fire to burn the fog blanket, that wrap my body with coldness?


Sleeping pills can’t beat me
no matter how much I can take everyday
a nightmare becomes too real
like I watch it on TV
I try to press pause, skip or stop button
on a remote control
that I hold now
in my hand

But, I’m trembling
A remote control is slipped of my grip
Take it!
Before a monster steal it
and control my steps
to the edge of the hell

Yogyakarta, July 27th, 2020-12.26 p.m.

3 respons untuk ‘Poem | Remote Control

    1. I wrote this poem after listening to the song about “dealing with anxiety” which is written based on singer-song writer’s experience. When I heard and read the lyrics for the first time, suddenly I remember about myself when I have to go through the rough time. I feel like the song speaks a lot to me and maybe to the others who feel the same thing. Yeah, I know everyone has had a difficult time in their life and it might be like a nightmare. A nightmare that becomes too real to be true. So, I imagined myself as the one who handle the ‘remote control’ and don’t want to let ‘a monster’ (read : my negative emotions) to control my life.


      1. There are many ways to release temper, your own emotions can be muted through communication.. it isn’t easy at the beginning, sometimes run randomly, keep on going with the same pattern inshallah become better

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