Poem | Today, I can’t Talk

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Today, I can’t talk
Doesn’t mean I lose my words
in arranging my stories
just a piece of wound I can’t tell
appearing on the surface
making a new scars
Oh, this blood!
dripping on the paper
that I used to write a poem

Yogyakarta, July 1st, 2020-06.09 p.m.

3 respons untuk ‘Poem | Today, I can’t Talk

      1. I’ll give you a title which is “the Last Samurai” directed by Edward Zwick and Warner Brothers Pictures presents a Tom Cruise production featuring Ken Watanabe

        So, you’ll find a schene in that movie when Kapten Algreen (Tom) has an exercise with other samurai then they say.. “too many mind, mind about sword, mind people watch, mind the crowd.. too many mind, no mind!”


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