Poem | Living Corpse

“If this can no longer resonate,
no longer make my heart vibrate
Then like this may be how I die my first death
But, if that moment’s right now, right now…”

-BTS on Black Swan-

Is there anything scarier than the death itself?
Only if you think that the death is scary
This soul is still in my body
Returned when I woke up
“The new day is coming your way”

“How can you continue your journey without compass?”
“Tell me your destination”
“Tell me what you want”

Your choice, your reasons of all the options

Why are you just silent?
Why do you stare blankly?
My heart pulse almost stop
Leaving me in a shock
Imagining of the worst scenario
Later, I realize that you’re not sinking in a trance
Someone, please tell me
that I don’t talk to a living corpse

Yogyakarta, April 9th, 2020-09.13 a.m.

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