Poem | Controlling

photo by Nick Demou from pexels

What’s the meaning behind those numbers?
Does it mean “authority?”
You told me to do “this” and “that”
Claiming it’s the best choice for me
Are you a fortune teller?

Who told you to be that over control?
You want me to have a better life
But, since when you became Mr/Mrs. Know-It-All?

You might be older
But, it’s just a number
Doesn’t mean you know everything
Give me choices, let me decide
instead of forbiding
Tell me your reasons
Cause I’m ready to jump and dive into the ocean

Yogyakarta, March 8th, 2020-10.01 p.m.

6 respons untuk β€˜Poem | Controlling’

      1. When we hear interesting thing from others we are encouraged to say this, which means that we take optimistic attitude from your words, happy monday πŸ™‚

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

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