Poem | Journey to Grow Up (Part 2)

photo by Andrew Neel from pexels

Even my brain is burnt, my voice disappear or I broke my heart
it can’t be recognized
feel it myself as a part of me
then, what’s your plan?

Will it be my next mistakes?
Would you hold me if I fall?
It’s a big lie if I say that I’m not afraid
cause everything is so dark
so, I need to find a light

I saw you on a higher place
one by one, leave me here
Why does it take time for so long?
Why do I never go anywhere?
Even though I haven’t found a light yet
I prefer make fire rather than curse the darkness

Yogyakarta, March 6th, 2020-06.35 am.

Satu respons untuk “Poem | Journey to Grow Up (Part 2)

  1. I remember one of warrior has ever told me about this in one of preparation be4 a battle.. “too many minds; mind about sword, mind about the crowd, mind about people watch, mind about enemy.. no mind!

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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