Poem | Like a Music

Bird chirping is like a music
of delicate morning
as the beginning of the day

Adults work
Students study
Birds left their nests
Finding out food for their babies
Nocturnals sleep
Saving the energy for hunting at night
Plants stand still
Giving us a shelter from the sun heat
Like a music of passionate afternoon
Music that will burn your spirit

The sun goes down
Tiredness gather in the body
It’s time to go home
enough for today

Beautiful sunset
Like a music for a lover who sits next to each other
“It’s too beautiful to pass by”

Black skies above your head
Moon and stars shine
Lighten up the villages, mountains, valleys and places far away from noise
Because the city always forget
how moon and stars shine
at least when the city lights are off
Like a music of quiet night
before the day change
and new hope is written in the next morning

Yogyakarta, November 24th, 2019-06.31 p.m.


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