Poem | Reunite With The Eternity (An Ode to The Hero)

source by TPHeinz on pixabay.com

I wonder why the sad episodes of this land still continue day by day
Where’s my bright and cheerful September gone?
All I can see are dark days
full of tears and sorrow

The sun hide its smile
The wind whispered softly
to the leaves
to the mountains
to the oceans
to the sky

Then, the sky became gloomy all day long
His departure was mourned by children of the land
Our motherland lost her beloved son
I could see her tears streaming down the river

Yesterday, he said “good bye”
It was his last greeting
Izrail has picked him up
Separate him from mortality
Rang the death bell on top of his head
Sent his soul back to the eternal sleep
to meet his true love
to rest in peace beside Him
and reunite again with the eternity

Yogyakarta, September 12th, 2019-12.14 p.m.

*) Commemorating the passing of former 3rd President of Indonesia, BJ Habibie on September 11th, 2019. May Allah bless him and forgive all of his sins.

Poem | Surreal

source by Ignacio Pales from pexels.com

My eyes were wide open
My head was spinning
I slapped my face to wake me up
from the unconsciousness
If it’s just my imagination,
was I daydreaming?
If it’s just my dream,
did I really sleep?
or was it a lucid dream?
If I was half awake,
did I enter the trance
or was it a sign to wake me up ASAP?

Yogyakarta, September 9th, 2019-10.41 a.m.

Poem | Teach Me How to Live With Half Broken Heart

source by SeaReeds on pixabay.com

This isn’t Cinderella story
This isn’t drama-tragedy Romeo and Juliet
This isn’t about prince charming
riding his white horse
to pick his princess up
and save her from an old cruel witch

This is just heart breaking story of pathetic little girl
who was never wanted and expected
by someone who she waited for so long

I don’t need your answer
your gaze is enough for me
to guess what answer you’d say
But, can you teach me how to live with half broken heart?

Yogyakarta, September 8th, 2019-11.12 a.m.

Poem Makes Me More Honest to Myself

source by rawpixel on pixabay.com

I used to think that someone could be more poetic when he/she fall in love and broken heart. Is it true? After I had an interaction with poem for several months ago, I realized that it could be true and not (It depends on the person and what he/she write about). The opinion isn’t completely wrong, but also not completely right. How come?

I said it’s not completely wrong because from my observation (I’m sorry if I can’t mention the exact number or percentage accurately because it’s not for survey or research purpose), there’re many great poems was born from the hands of poet who’re in love or broken heart. Especially if someone who’s broken hearted failed to move on. Beside poems about fall in love and broken heart, there’s one more poem that often left deep impression on me. Poems about longing. (Falling in love and broken heart aren’t complete without longing).

But, I said that it’s not completely right because there’re also many poems were created out of social issues concern. There’re poems about nationalism. There’re poems about the beauty of nature that can increase our admiration for His greatness. And many more, outside the falling in love and broken heart topics.

Regardless of whatever the poem’s theme was written on, a poem still has the special place in my heart. Like what you see on the title, that’s one of reasons why poem is special for me. All good and bad experiences, regret and mistakes in the past, dream and hopes in the future, something I don’t/want to do, imagination, gratitude, longing etc. I can tell about them all in my poem. I can capture the beauty of life through my poem. I can capture life’s problem through my poem. I always feel relieved after making a confession through my poem. I find and define myself through my poem. It feels like a therapy for me.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Poem | Dark Poet

source : pixabay.com

Some of them cope out with their anxiety
Some of them try to escape from reality
Some of them learn more about honesty

In my poem, I appear in many forms
Sometimes, I become a lonely girl
Sometimes, I’m being powerful
Sometimes, I just act like a kindergarten student
Childish? Yes, I am!
What do you expect?

I’d like you to dive in my dark brown eyes
so, you’ll know what lonely looks like
I’d like you to trapped in my poem
so, you’ll know how the darkness works well on me
Pitiful? Yes, it is!

Then, how do you escape from this jail?

Yogyakarta, September 6th, 2019-11.24 a.m.

Everyone Deserves Love

source by Ben Kerckx on pixabay.com

Have you ever fallen in love? How do you feel? You’ll feel joy, content and heart racing just to see his/her smile everyday. Every little thing they do seems so cute,sweet and special to you.

Have you ever broken heart? How do you feel? When you’re broken hearted, what you’ll feel is the opposite of how you feel when you fall in love. You can be broken hearted because of break up or one-sided love. But, broken heart can give you many life lessons to be stronger and careful in the future. As long as you can forgive yourself, receive your past and take the lessons with positive mind. Never face a broken heart with self blaming, self harm or suicide.

Actually, broken heart is a risk or “side effect” of falling in love. If you fall in love and even brave enough to confess your feeling to your crush, you have to be ready when he/she give you a disappointing answer. When you decided to be in relationship, you maybe face a break up or you want to take the relationship to another level (read : marriage) in the end. That’s also a risk or “side effect” of getting in relationship.

There’s no standard in defining the meaning of love. If you often hear that music is universal language, there’s one more thing that can be considered as universal language. What is it? Yes, it is love! I believe that love is the best gift from God. He created us with love. He is showering us with love everytime and everywhere. Therefore, humans are “love creatures” so, it’s really normal if they want to love and be loved. Everyone deserves love. No matter who you are. No matter what your life background. Love doesn’t only happen between the two lovers, but also happen between children and parents, between students and teachers, between sisters and brothers, between friends or best friends, between humans and animals and plants, between humans and nature even between humans and God. All of you are precious and deserve love. And don’t forget to always love yourself. Because no one can love you as well as yourself.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

Poem | If I Fall in Love Cause of Your Writing

source by Markus Spiske on unsplash.com

Maybe you’d laugh over me
Thinking I’m crazy
Cause of writing too much poetry
Never mind!
As long as you’re happy
I don’t really care

Maybe you’d dissect my head
just to find what’s hidden inside
checking if there’s any problem with my nerves
Okay, do what you want!
As long as I can satisfy your curiosity
I’ll be happy

Maybe we never met
Maybe we’ve ever met
but, never recognized each other faces
Ah, maybe we’re just passing by
But, I know you
I can feel love is breathing through your words
like I can feel my blood runs in my veins
I don’t know if I fall in love with you or your writing
But, if I can’t make you mine
I’ll bring your figure to life in my poetry for the rest of my life

Yogyakarta, September 4th, 2019-11.34 a.m. -made by love-

Poem | Obituary

source by TPHeinz from pixabay.com

How long has the obituary filled our media pages?

A wife killed her husband and children

then burn their death bodies

A husband killed his wife

when she slept

A family killed their relatives

for a reason that I don’t know

some are jealousy

some are poverty

some are depressed

Is the world being too dangerous for living?

Is life being too cruel?

Maybe I mistranslated the meaning of love

Maybe I mistranslated the meaning of joy

But, I’m right if I translate it as the death of humanity

Yogyakarta, September 3rd, 2019-05.49 a.m. -RIP humanity-

Poem | When September Greets You

source by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on pexels.com

Ah, now, you’re here
soon, you’ll replace heat
with cooler air
although it’s not as cold as winter
shade of green will be replaced by yellow or orange
before they’ll be all white

Falling unconsciously
shedding your past and dark days
in your 28, 29, 30 or 31 days that left behind
like a tree shedding its leaves

When September greets you
closes your summer break episode
you open and write your new hope
on the new page
singing your optimism at the top of your lung
cause you know that it’s the beginning to reunite with the end again

Yogyakarta, September 2nd, 2019-09.43 a.m.

Poem | Quarter of Century

source : pexels.com

Thank God, for every breath
for every strength
for every joy and sorrow
to walk, run and rest
in this long journey

Walking in steady pace
when life goes normal
Running in fast pace
when life goes challenging
Resting in slow pace
when life goes harder
not for stopping
but for rethinking and taking a deep breath

Quarter of century
walking in a flower road and dark tunnel alternately
climbing the mountain and enjoying the scenery at the same time
feelings that unable to be described
even in a poem I wrote
even in an upbeat song I often listen to
just one word I can say now, “thank you”

Yogyakarta, September 1st, 2019-05.52 a.m.