Poem | Sarcastic

source by Alice Butenko on unsplash.com

I’m tired of being nice
They used my kindness to fulfill their intentions
I’m tired of always smiling
They misunderstood me as an attention seeker
I’m tired of using metaphor
They made fun of my rhyme
I don’t like it!

I want to write a love poem
without any word “love”
I want to write a poem about you
without mention your name
I want to write sarcasm
without anyone knows that I’m being sarcastic

Yogyakarta, September 23rd, 2019-05.16 a.m.

10 respons untuk β€˜Poem | Sarcastic’

  1. “I’m tired of always smiling they misunderstood me as an attention seeker”… I felt that part because it’s something I’ve been accused of on countless occasions. I still smile though because I owe it to myself the positive inference of what my smile is and not the negatively twisted idea of how others view my smiling face.
    Love the poem πŸ’šπŸ’š

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    1. Honestly, I try to smile often to keep myself in positivity. The other reason is to make others more comfortable around me because I kinda have ‘cold-serious look’ lol πŸ˜… Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts here πŸ‘

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