Poem | Law of Fire (On 3 Clauses)

source by Cullan Smith on unsplash.com

Clause 1 : Jealousy

Those death glare
All over him
Pouty lips
Such a cutie
And oh, I think I saw something sparkling
Is it firework?
or sparks in her heart?

Clause 2 : Anger

My eyes didn’t trick me
How could she keep it?
Wasn’t she afraid that it’s getting bigger?
But, it’s too late now
He already pour the gasoline on
Instead of extinguishing

Clause 3 : Revenge

The sparks became bonfire
But, it’s not for giving you warmth
Not for tightening our bonding
through talking or singing along while playing a guitar
Stay away!
The fire will burn you to the death

Yogyakarta, September 21th, 2019-05.52 a.m.

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