Poem | Surreal

source by Ignacio Pales from pexels.com

My eyes were wide open
My head was spinning
I slapped my face to wake me up
from the unconsciousness
If it’s just my imagination,
was I daydreaming?
If it’s just my dream,
did I really sleep?
or was it a lucid dream?
If I was half awake,
did I enter the trance
or was it a sign to wake me up ASAP?

Yogyakarta, September 9th, 2019-10.41 a.m.

4 respons untuk ‘Poem | Surreal

    1. I think it’s relatable to most of people. that’s why I thought about it and created a poem like this haha 😅 btw, thanks for reading and sharing your thought here.
      Warm regards 😊❤


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